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21 Easy Sewing Projects for Your Trendy Teens

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Looking for fun sewing projects to do for your teens? It’s the thought that counts so giving gifts that you crafted personally is a plus. Also, teens love creative and artistic gifts! Here’s a list of artsy sewing projects that you can DIY. Take your pick!

21 Easy Sewing Projects You Can Give as Gifts for Your Teens

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Teenagers are crafty and artistic which means they love to create and receive fun gifts. So I pulled together a list of appreciable ideas that you can take inspiration from!

As a mother, I sometimes find it hard to find good and useful gifts my kids would like. But luckily for me, they don’t throw a tantrum whenever I miss the mark. Instead, they would still smile and tell me I’m still the best mama in the world. Teenagers are possibly hardest to buy gifts for. Usually, the gifts they want can be a little pricey as well. And although you still have enough time to do a little Christmas shopping, you might be tempted to bypass the crazy shopping crowd at the mall. So why not take the DIY path this year? Check out these easy sewing projects below!

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Your kids will appreciate something made especially for them, right? I have listed 21 functional and easy sewing projects you can give as gifts for your teens or tweens. And I’m sure they are going to love these too!


1. Running belt

If your kids love to exercise, then this running belt will surely make them smile. They are going to love listening to their favorite music while working out!


2. DIY Makeup Organizer

Got a teenager who loves makeup? This DIY makeup organizer is perfect for storing her palettes, brushes, and tools!


3. DIY Cord Keeper

Keep your tech-savvy kids’ cords organized and tidy with these cute cord keepers. This is also a cute hint for them to practice being organized all the time.


4. Body pillow case with phone pocket

This giant pillow cover features a zippered back and a pocket in the front that would fit an iPad or mobile phone — perfect for your techie teenager!


5. T-Shirt quilt

Don’t throw or give away your kids’ old shirts when they outgrow them. Upcycle them to make a DIY T-Shirt quilt he will absolutely treasure.


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These are all fun and creative, right? I’m sure your kids will treasure these DIY projects especially because they are all handmade. So, what are you waiting for? Start making them now!

What do you think of these sweet and easy ideas? Have you picked a favorite yet? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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