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7 Clever DIY Sewing Organizers That Will Leave You in Awe

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Let me give you a brilliant sewing project, a DIY sewing organizer! There’s nothing like a clutter-free and organized sewing station to get your creative juices going. I’ve collected different concepts and put them all together where you can get inspiration from. Go ahead! Check them out!

Make These DIY Sewing Organizers For Your Sewing Room

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Are you looking for your next sewing projects? How about making DIY sewing organizers?  Let me share a few of them here today. Choose from these ideas below and make your sewing clutter-free and more organized!

Making DIY Sewing Organizers will not just exercise your creativity (in a practical way) but it will also enhance your organizational skills. Being neat and organized are habits that every sewer must possess. It’ll help you a lot in making your sewing room become more conducive to your craft. Through these organization ideas, you won’t have a hard time reaching the sewing tools you need because you’ll know exactly where you placed each of them. You can finish your sewing project right away as everything is in the right place.

However, being organized is not just as simple as about putting things in one container. You need to take extra effort in making your whole sewing place looks neat. So start viewing this blog post right now!


1. Sewing Purse Bag Organizer

Check out 7 Clever DIY Sewing Organizers That Will Leave You in Awe at

A simple sewing tool organizer you can make easily and bring anywhere you want, whether at work or on vacation. With your creative thinking skill, you can make your own design that can look better than this. You can as well make it bigger. Here’s how to make this cute organizer!


2. Mason Jars

Make your own mason jar with a pincushion on top. Get your burlap scraps and start doing this now. This can even make a great gift for moms! Grab some mason jars here.


3. Plastic Containers Organizing Bin

Check out 7 Clever DIY Sewing Organizers That Will Leave You in Awe at

Be creative, be unique, be organized with this sewing materials storage. You can put labels on each jar to quickly find your sewing materials and tools.


4. Pegboard Organizer

Check out 7 Clever DIY Sewing Organizers That Will Leave You in Awe at

You can locate your sewing materials easily & have easy access on each of your sewing tools. Screw this on your preferred room wall. Need a pegboard? Check this one out.


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These organizers are really effective in keeping my sewing station clutter-free. My personal favorite are the mason jars and I’ve been using them until now. I’m looking forward doing the rest on the list and add them up in my sewing room. So what are you waiting for? Start organizing now!

Have you created any DIY sewing organizers? Share your ideas, tips and tricks in organizing your sewing tools by leaving a comment below!

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