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3 DIY Phone Cases

DIY phone cases are fun and easy to make. Customize your phone to your personality! 

I crack my phone screen about as often as I break my nails. And my reaction to both is the same: UGH!

I’ve bought cases, but they can be so pricey — and they break down pretty quickly, even the expensive ones. So, just like I learned to do my own manicure, I learned to make my own pretty DIY phone cases!

These 3 DIY phone cases from A Beautiful Mess are super easy to make, and really go with my fun, funky personal style. So if you’re in need of a cool phone case, but don’t want to shell out serious cash — or just want to customize your design — these will be right up your alley.

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DIY Phone Cases Guaranteed to Glam Up Your Phone

First Things First

Check out 3 DIY Phone Cases at

The first step is to find a cheap clear plastic phone case on Amazon or eBay. If you want to try out a few designs, make sure to order a few! And make sure it’s the right fit for your phone. Duh!

DIY Phone Case 1: Holographic Tape

Buy this awesome removable tape at almost any craft store. Feel free to experiment with design and color.


DIY Phone Case 2: Googly Eyes

Super easy to make — just use super glue or another strong glue to affix googly eyes to your phone case. Make sure they don’t block your phone camera!

DIY Phone Case Idea 3: Sequins!

Place sequins on the inside of the phone case and voila! you’ve now got a glammed up phone. Get creative and make up your own pattern with your own color scheme.


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