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15 DIY Ninja Turtle Costume Ideas: Cowabunga!

If you're eager to be a hero in a half shell this Halloween, rock any of these DIY Ninja Turtle costume ideas!

DIY Ninja Turtle Costume Ideas


Be One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you're a '90s kid (or if your kid is into the recent reboot), you're very familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The lasting popularity makes sense. I mean, what's cooler than turtles-turned-ninjas that love munching on pizza? Show your allegiance to these radical dudes by making your own DIY Ninja Turtle costume this Halloween.

These DIY Ninja Turtle costume ideas are perfect for groups or those looking to fly solo. Now the hardest decision you'll have to make is which turtle to be — Leonardo, Donatello, Raphae,l or Michelangelo! Or, if you're the wise one of your friend group, opt to be Master Splinter, the Sensei Rat.

1. TMNT Adult Homemade Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) aren't just for kids! Turtle power defies age. This can be your ultimate squad goals this Halloween. Good idea, right? Give this DIY ninja turtle costume for adults a try!

2. T-Shirt Ninja Turtle Costume

Super easy, cute, and subtle. This ninja turtle t-shirt can be worn on Halloween or any day you feel like having a bit of fun. This idea is also perfect if you're planning to make a Halloween costume for the whole family since it's inexpensive and simple.

3. Ninja Turtle Costume Idea for Boys

Your boy is going to love trick or treating in this turtlerific get-up. Depending on what color or who he's dressing up as don't forget the matching weapon of your little turtle.

4. Pajamas Ninja Party Costume Project

Based on the old-school Ninja Turtle cartoon, these costumes are easy to sew, even for the novice seamstress. Can you imagine it came from some plain green pajamas? Genius!

5. DIY Maternity Ninja Turtle Costume Idea

Just because he isn't born yet, doesn't mean he won't enjoy dressing up for Halloween! This is such an adorable idea for all pregnant women out there. If you're pregnant and looking for a cute Halloween costume then this is perfect for you!


This is your chance to be a superhero! These #Halloween costumes were made for you ????

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) October 20, 2016

6.  Ninja Turtle Stitch Costume for Babies

Calling all knitters! It doesn't get much cuter than this! Depending on your skill level, it may take some time to complete this. So better get started if you want to have this darling TMNT costume in time for Halloween.

7. Sparkly Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

TMNT isn't just for boys. This glittery girls adaptation of the classic turtle look is sure to delight. She'll still feel like a princess, a princess who's capable of kicking a lot of bad-guy butt!

8. Ninja Turtle Tutu Costume

More turtle girl power! Recreate this DIY ninja turtle costume with tutu and make your little girl happy on Halloween. This is a great alternative in case she doesn't want it glittery.

9. Family Ninja Turtle DIY Costume

A family of four = group TMNT costume waiting to happen. Just decide who's going to be who. Try this easy DIY TMNT family costume this year!

10. Crafty Ninja Turtle Costume

Why buy an expensive store-bought costume when you can make a better version yourself? With this easy step-by-step tutorial from One Project At A Time, your child will have a cool ninja turtle outfit on Halloween.

11. Quick DIY Ninja Turtle Costume

Quick, cute, and colorful! If these are your goals for this year's Halloween outfit then this costume is the right fit for you!

12. DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume for Kids

This adorable ninja turtle costume is made out of sweatpants, fabric, and basic craft materials. Watch the easy-to-follow tutorial by Smart Fun DIY

13. Thrifty Homemade Ninja Turtle Costume

This DIY TMNT costume won't break the bank. Moms will love this tutorial that's inexpensive yet cool at the same time. Any kid will surely be happy wearing this creative TMNT Halloween outfit.

14. Ninja Turtle No-Sew Costume

Nunchucks really tie the outfit together, if your child wants to play as Michaelangelo this year. This no-sew tutorial will save you a lot of time and thread.

15. Ninja Turtle Costume for Teens

Easy and edgy! Perfect for tweens and teens. Just have your green shirt, green tights, green tutu, and boots ready so you can have the base of this cute ninja turtle outfit.


Watch this video by Jess MillionMoments to see how to make a DIY TMNT costume for girls in action:

These DIY Ninja Turtle costume ideas are just perfect for when you're going out as a group or when you just want to be a green ninja with a half shell. As always, any costume will be perfect this Halloween as long as you're having fun. Turtle power!

Are you going as Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michelangelo this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 25, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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