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5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom

DIY ideas for peaceful bedroom

5 DIY Ideas for a Peaceful Bedroom

As the place you go to relax, unwind and – most importantly – sleep, your bedroom should represent a tranquil haven that clears your mind and recharges your batteries. However, if you find that your bedroom is more chaotic than calming, it may be time for a makeover. Here are some easy and modestly-priced DIY tips for creating a more soothing sleeping space.

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 1. Spa-like colors

Gentle, serene colors have an instant calming effect, turning any room into a relaxing retreat. Rather than changing the entire color scheme of your bedroom, try incorporating a “reverse” feature wall using a single, spa-like shade of paint. When picking a color, take inspiration from nature, the ocean, a paradise island – indeed, anything you associate with relaxation!

2. A heavenly bed

The bed is the main feature of any bedroom, and should be luxuriously comfortable and inviting. Instead of splashing out on a whole new frame, there are several DIY touches you can apply to make your current one more conducive to sleep. Soft, oversized cushions instantly make the bed more cozy, as does an upholstered headboard – find out how to make your own here. In addition, replacing your old mattress with a temperature-smart, memory foam one, such as those found at Eve, is a sure-fire way to fix your bed for a blissful night’s sleep.

3. Blackout blinds

There is nothing more disruptive to sleep than harsh, uninvited daylight – or even streetlamps – seeping into the room. When it comes to switching off the lamps and nestling down for a snooze, your boudoir should be as dark as possible. Blackout shades are a blessing for excessively bright rooms, and needn’t be expensive or unsightly. Make your own using blackout fabric, with no sewing involved!

4. Tidy-away storage

The saying goes that a tidy life equals a tidy mind, and this is most certainly true of the bedroom. Clutter and chaos make it hard to switch off, so free your room of distractions by incorporating extra storage space. Rather than forking out for new furniture, place some pretty baskets on top of the wardrobe or under the bed and enjoy your newly uncluttered sanctuary.

5. Relaxing scents

As well as adjusting the décor, you can encourage sleep by infusing your room with certain scents. Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and jasmine are highly effective for relaxing the mind and reducing stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. From scented candles to fragrant reed diffusers to incense sticks, there are plenty of elegant ways to perfume your bedroom and create the perfect ambiance for a peaceful slumber.

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