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DIY Furniture Ideas | 3 Considerations for New Furnishings

DIY furniture ideas | DIY interior design

DIY Furniture Ideas

3 Considerations for New Furnishings

Furnishings play a major role in the entire appearance of the house — every furniture piece has its own spirit which affects its surroundings.

It sounds intuitive to “improve” new furniture. After all, it should be in perfect condition if it’s brand new. However, every piece of furniture can be improved, even on its first day out of the box. You don’t need to overdo the polishing or choose dark-colored furniture to hide dirt and stains. You can actually transform furniture into real gems simply by choosing the right placement, orientation, size and colors. Intrigued? Read on!

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 1. Visualize your dream space. 

image via pixabay
image via pixabay

This is the key for achieving flawless results with the new furnishings. It’s important to consider the exact sizes of the empty areas, the distances from the doors and the windows, as well as where you’d like to set up “themed areas” like the dining area, play area, kids area, TV watching area, etc. They all require a specific organization to enhance their respective ambiance. My tip: only undertake home renovation when you know exactly what the house should look like after the renovation. When you know your expectations, you will know what to look for and choosing the right furniture will be much easier.


2. Make a quick sketch of the entire house.

image via pixabay
image via pixabay

Sketch out the exact spots where you want to place the new furniture. Firstly, it will improve your initial arrangement and, secondly, you can give that sketch to a moving crew to help place the furniture. Include all the important measurements in the sketch of the floor plan, such as the arrangement of the dining area and the lounge area. When you have all these details clearly laid out, you can better visualize your ideal furniture. For instance, you may want to place chairs with thin metal frames around the dining table if placed nearby the main window, so the windows can easily wash natural sunlight through the heart of the room. Large wooden furniture near the windows can also help spread sunlight in the room.


3. Make the most of your space.

image via pixabay
image via pixabay

The size of your space will greatly impact the furniture you select. While most people think smaller space means smaller furniture, there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes choosing to center your room around one large piece of furniture can really make a bold, visually appealing statement.

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Article by Ella A. on behalf of Removal Services Collier Wood.


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