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11 DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Looking for cheap but classy DIY coffee table ideas to decorate your living room with? You don’t need to spend a lot of money with these 11 coffee tables, all you need is to do is scroll down and learn how to do them!

11 DIY Coffee Table Ideas For The Budget-Conscious Decorator

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If you’re a serious decorator but don’t quite have enough money to burn whenever you have the urge to switch up your living room decor, DIY coffee table ideas are the way to go! Read on for DIY coffee table ideas no one will ever guess you made yourself.

Many times, my wallet can’t keep up with my urges to redecorate! And I know many of you feel the same. I love keeping my living room fresh and on-trend, but it can’t get expensive. So what do I do? I turn to projects like DIY coffee table ideas. I not only save on my purchase, I also get the gratification of making my own furniture and seeing my creations come to life! Now that’s priceless. So if you’re on yet another redecorating spree, these try out one of these DIY coffee table ideas. And bookmark this page for the future whenever you need a fresh, new coffee table!


1. Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

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Can you believe this is one of those DIY coffee table ideas? I sure can’t! Hairpin leg tables are trendy and contemporary, but the wood top on this one makes it homey too. The perfect combination, if you ask me.


2. Storage Coffee Table

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Need extra storage? There are DIY coffee table ideas with added storage space! This acrylic top one is a flexible and trendy choice, and you have the option to either store or decorate with it.


3. Contemporary Wooden Coffee Table

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Here’s one of those DIY coffee table ideas you’d never guess was DIY. I love how the wood planks are all different shades with different textures, it really makes the table unique.


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Coffee tables should not be expensive.  You can DIY and you’ll get the same product as the store-bought ones, only cheaper! All you need is a bit of extra time, effort, and a lot of creativity. Choose one and start making them now!

Which DIY coffee table ideas will you try? Leave us a comment below!

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