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10 DIY Burp Cloths

Want to make you own DIY burp cloths? We've got plenty of great ideas..!


Burp cloths are super useful cleanup tools for babies, since young babies have a tendency to spit up when they are burped. You could buy specially made cloths, but your money could be better spent elsewhere. DIY burp cloths are not hard to make at all. Just remember, the fabric they're made with needs to be soft enough on the baby’s face, which may be up against the cloth while he or she is being burped. It should also provide a strong enough shield for your clothing. Your clothes will thank you 🙂

Your DIY burp cloths should be soft, absorbent and relatively large (about the size of a generous dishtowel). They should be able to fit over your shoulder with a little cloth hanging down in front and back. This will ensure full coverage and a nice soft cushion for your little one. So now that you know what the goal is, check out some awesome DIY ideas:

DIY Burp Cloths


1. Easy Flannel Burp Rags

Create this cute burp rags and have fun doing it. Tutorial is here.


2. Baby Burp Cloth with Curve

Try this burp cloth with a free downloadable pattern. So Sew Easy  provides a great video tutorial.


3. No Sew Burp Cloth

Learn how to make a burp cloth with no sewing. Tutorial by hallmark.


4. Vintage Handkerchief Burlap Cloth

If you love the vintage look. Follow this tutorial.


5. Contoured Burp Cloth

Stylish AND practical. Get deatils here.


6. Chic Burp Cloth

Perfect for your little princess! See how here.


7. DIY Burp Cloth With Embelishments

A dual purpose burp cloth  — turns into a changing pad! Details here.


8. Polka Dot Burp Cloth

I just love polka dots. Check out the tutorial here.


9. Frayed Burp Cloth

Get the tutorial here.


10. Basic Burp Cloth

Simple yet elegant DIY burp cloth. Here is how to make your own.


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