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DIY Beaded Bracelets

DIY Beaded Bracelet | DIY Jewelry Making Ideas and Do It Yourself Fashion | DIY Projects


Love the look of beaded bracelets, but can’t find the right one that fits in your budget? I love the way wrap bracelets look, but couldn’t ever find one that was just right. So, of course, I did what I always do and learned how to make a DIY beaded bracelet of my own. It was actually a lot easier than I expected so I thought I’d share with you all how to make this beaded wrap bracelet too. DIY jewelry making is one of my favorite new pastimes! I’ve now made a few of these cool bracelets for myself, and also given a few as last minute DIY gifts.

DIY Beaded Bracelets Tutorial

Make this beaded bracelet with these easy DIY bracelet instructions.

Supplies Needed for A DIY Beaded Bracelet:

DIY Bracelets | Cool Do It Yourself Jewelry Ideas and Tutorial for this Crafty DIY Beaded Bracelet | DIY Projects

  • Thick Cord
  • Thread
  • Button (for closure)
  • Beads
  • Needle (optional)

Step by Step  Instructions:


Step 1:

Take your beading cord and your button. Run the cord through the underside of the button, then back down through the top. Pull the cord through until the ends are even — essentially, you are folding your cord in half.

bracelet-kit-step-1 bracelet-kit-step-2

Step 2:

Take your beading thread and a sewing needle. Pull the thread through the needle until it’s folded in half. Then, take that loop and run it under your beading cord.


Step 3:

Take the other two ends of your thread and run them through the loop you just made. This will create your first knot.

bracelet-kit-step-4 bracelet-kit-step-5


Step 4:

Take both ends of your thread and run it through your sewing needle. If you like, you can put a dab of clear nail polish on the ends of your thread to keep them from fraying as they go through the needle.


Step 5:

Now that your needle is threaded, you’re ready to start with your beads. You have an equal number of turquioise and gold beads. I like to go in a pattern, and I started with gold. Choose your starting color, then thread your first bead through until it reaches the knot that you tied earlier.

bracelet-kit-step-7 bracelet-kit-step-8

Step 6:

Wrap your thread around the corn once, then run your needle back through the bead, holding your cords together.


Step 7:

Push the thread through the bead a second time, coming from the other side. Continuously pull the thread to make sure it’s taut.


Step 8:

Wrap your thread around the cord again, then put another bead on the needle and repeat steps 5-7 with the second bead.

Keep stringing your beads in this fashion until you reach 10 beads. Then, start with the other color. (The pattern is up to you, but this is how I made mine.)  Repeat this process until you’ve reached the end.


Step 9:

To tie off your thread, simply knot the thread around the cord, making sure it’s secure. Trim the excess with a pair of scissors.

Leaving about a fourth of an inch from your final bead, tie a knot in your beading cord and trim the excess.


Step 14:

Pull the button through the space left at the end of your bracelet to keep it in place.


Step 15:

Proudly wear your handmade DIY Beaded Bracelet!

I am just loving this new jewelry making project. This beaded bracelet can be made with any color of cord or beads, and the button can be almost anything you like, whether it be simple like this one, or a sparkly large accent. My favorite combinations so far are this gold and turquoise on black cord, gold and pearl with cream cord , coral and gold on brown cord. Any one else have a combo you have liked and tried? Please tell me about it in the comments below.

As always, DIY Projects strives to bring you the best step by step DIY tutorials and save you from Pinterest fails. The last thing I want anyone to do is waste their time or money. If you have feedback on these instructions and want to share ways I can improve the tutorials, please share them with me!

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DIY Beaded Bracelet Tutorial | Step by Step Instructions for Easy DIY Jewelry Making by DIY Projects

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  1. I made mine tonight! Made it so it wraps around three times, and has two colors and the one is sandwiched between the other color! :D. Wish I could post a picture! Thanks for the tutorial, I really loved making it! 🙂

  2. Hi I recently received this diy bracelet kit and started working on it, but stepped away for a few minutes and my 2-year old cat ate up half of the thread! Lol. She’s ok, but I want to purchase some more thread but don’t know what type of thread to buy. I know it’s not Superlon/S-Lon or C-Lon, as the thread is smoother and a little more thin. Can you please let me know what type of thread is in this kit?

    • Hi Angela,

      Oh my, I do hope your cat is alright! The thick chord is a 1mm waxed cotton cord.
      Find it here:
      [thirstylink linkid=”42690″ linktext=”” class=”thirstylink” title=”black waxed linen cord”]

  3. I started the bracelet, but when I got to the turquoise beads the holes are too small for all the threads to go through. I have a bead reamer, but it won’t fit in the holes either. Do you have any turquoise beads with larger holes??

  4. I was using a needle and the thread, but all of them will not fit through the hole. HOLED IS TOO SMALL

  5. Hey. I started making mine and it says there are an equal amount of beads, but I have more time beads than turquoise. How many should Ihaveand how do I get more so I can have a complete kit?

  6. Received my bracelet kit today. The bag with the beads had a hole in it so the beads were all over in the box! Had to did them all out but I do not have enough to do the bracelet as some of the bead had fallen out of the box after getting under the box flaps. Any way to get some more beads from you to do my project? You also asked about what kinds of beads we would like….I think it would be very pretty in a couple of shades of purple and lavender.


  1. […] Beaded button bracelet – This pretty bracelet is a little chunky which makes it so cool and interesting. I personally don’t love the pattern they made with their beads, but that would be super easy to change. Perhaps best of all, the closure on this bracelet is a simple button, so there’s no need for hardware or beading pliers. What you’ll need: 0.5 mm black beading thread, 2 mm black beading cord, a button, beads, beading needle […]

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