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7 DIY Alarm Systems to Protect Your Stuff

Been a victim of pickpockets or even just a prank from your annoying siblings? Read on and learn how to make DIY Alarm Systems to protect your stuff.

Protect your family, property and stuffs with this 10 DIY Alarm Systems to Protect Your Stuff by DIY Projects at

Question: How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night hearing strange things and rustling sounds? Countless times, right?

We’re always thankful when we’re awoken by a raccoon, the neighbor’s cat or a simple rush of the wind. But we always have to be ready to protect our household and family members against burglars. Therefore, a good alarm system is very important but often quite expensive.

Here are DIY Alarm Systems designed to protect your home or your stt, when made correctly, can startle intruders and alert you as soon as something goes awry.

10 DIY Alarm Systems to Protect Your Stuff

1. Alarm System using Airhorn

This low-tech perimeter alarm can startle intruders. Here’s how.


2. DIY Alarm System That Calls Your Cellphone

An awesome little gadget that alerts you to any unwanted intruders. Here’s how.


3. Bag Alarm | DIY Alarm Systems

Protect your personal belongings from theft, misplacement and even nosey siblings. Here’s how.


4. Drawer Alarm

Keep your goodies safe – whether it’s your secret stash of chocolate in the office or your diary in the bedroom drawer…. Here’s how.


5. Wallet Alarm

Protect your wallet from any pickpockets with this pocket-sized anti theft alarm. Here’s how.


6. Camera Bag Alarm — Only $2!

Frequently losing your camera bag? Try this alarm that would go off when someone picked it up.


7. Bike Alarm

Cars have alarms to deter thieves — why not bikes? Here’s an easy, cheap way to create a magnetic bike alarm that will leave thieves fleeing the scene. Here’s how.

Catch thieves red handed with these DIY alarms systems.

Have any other DIY alarm system ideas we should know about? Any simple tips to ward off intruders and thieves? Let us know in the comments below!

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