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Detox Body Wrap

I’ve been hearing and seeing so much about this detox body wrap that I just had to try it myself. Hearing it could immediately shave one to two inches off my waist sounded like magic! This body wrap will help you get some of the toxins out of your body and rid you of bloat, but it’s not a permanent fix though. It can last for a day or two, but if you want permanent results, you still need some good, old-fashioned healthy diet and exercise.

This would be great for a special event, though. If you need to look better or feel better for a special occasion, then this will work perfectly. So if you want to see how you would look and feel with one or two inches off, let’s start wrapping.

Detox Body Wrap | How It Works At Home


What You’ll Need for This DIY Body Detox Wrap:

  • plastic wrap
  • lotion
  • clay mask
  • 2-3 ace bandages
  • belly band
  • a bowl of warm water
  • paper towels


Step 1: Open Up the Pores with Warm Towel

Put warm water in a bowl and soak your paper towel in it. Apply the warm paper towel to your tummy to open up the pores. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Clay Mask Mixture

In a bowl, mix equal parts lotion and clay mask. The clay mask will detoxify your skin and the lotion will give it the moisture it needs. Once it’s all mixed together, heat it in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

Step 3: Apply the Mixture to Your Tummy

Test the mixture first to make sure it’s not too hot. Then apply a thick layer on your tummy and to your sides. Wrap it with your plastic wrap. Go around for about six times and make sure that it’s tight but not uncomfortable.

Step 4: Wrap with Elastic Bandages and Belly Band

Wrap the elastic bandages around, followed by your belly band, to secure everything together. And that’s it! Cover it up and leave it overnight.

Step 5: Remove Everything and See the Results

When you wake up in the morning, remove everything and see the results. I’d recommend measuring your waist first before wrapping yourself up so you can compare the numbers. Remember, this is just a quick fix. Achieving permanent results will require a lot of hard work and discipline.


Watch the tutorial in action in this video by the lovely Lynsee Hee Kyeong:

I’m sure you’ll love the quick result you’ll get from this DIY detox body wrap you can do any time at a fraction of the cost. Homemade body wraps like this one are awesome because you’re able to get a fast and reliable result without breaking the bank. Try it tonight and achieve a flatter and firmer belly the next day! You can also enhance the benefits of this detox body wrap by drinking lemon water. Learn about the health benefits of lemon water and get lemon detox recipes to help you loose weight more effectively.

Did you enjoy our DIY detox body wrap? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 4, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. To loose weight you go to steem room you breath the heat until it goes to your lung go to the spa and breath the heat it works .


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