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Embroidery Stitches – The Chain Stitch | Home Makeover Tutorial

learn how to make curtains and give your home a makeover with this DIY tutorial

 How to Make Curtains | Home Makeover Tutorial

Lesson 16 | How to Stencil | Pillow and Curtain Embellishments

Learn to stencil for endless decorating fun. Use a paint that won’t wash out for long lasting effect. Once you know how to stencil, you can create flawless customized designs on all of your pillows and curtains forever and ever. This is extremely beneficial for sevearl reasons. You can save money, because you can buy a solid fabric and create your own pattern. You can customize your work, giving your home an ideal unique touch. You can show off, who wouldn’t want beautiful custom handmade curtains or pillows? Follow along with our stenciling tutorial, with a special guest appearance from master crafter, Stephanie Shaw. She’s popped in to show us how to stencil on fabric, this lesson is also part of our stenciling course (coming soon) on DIY Projects!

Curtains & Pillows Resize 02

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This is Lesson 16 of our How to Make Curtains Online Course: How to Stencil on Fabric | Embellished Curtains & Pillows. It’s part of our free Home Makeover Tutorials package! We want you to be able to fill your homes with amazing handmade diy crafts that you know how to sew yourselves! Our hope is that these sewing patterns and ideas inspire you to redecorate your living space and ultimately create your dream home! Imagine a personalized stylish home decorated exactly to your liking. Come home happy and enjoy the accomplished feeling of “I made this.” Here at DIY Projects we love inspiring dreams, and encouraging craftiness in all aspects of life. Be sure to subscribe to our social medias to stay connected on all things made by hand! Join us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.


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