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Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY

Today, I’d like to take a break from DIY projects, and talk about all the different ways you can use jamaican black castor oil in your beauty routine to receive wonderful benefits! This natural product makes for a great home remedy for many factors. From longer lashes, smoother skin, and lusher hair… Here’s how you can incorporate Jamaican Black castor into your diy beauty routine for natural healthy skin that you can get at home!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits:

You may have heard of Jamaican Black Castor Oil before. I know people who SWEAR by it, and for good reason. They all have the longest luscious hair. It’s a well known resource in the natural beauty industry, especially for those with dry curly hair. But, MOMENT OF TRUTH, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is actually great on all hair and skin types! Use it well for wonderful natural effects.

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

You can use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on hair and skin to target different areas that need treatment. It’s a great cure, and a beauty enhancer. Best known for helping your locks grow long and lush, but also a remedy for acne. This article will talk about the benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil in all these realms, and how you can “DIY” your own treatments at home!

Jamaican Castor Oil is beneficial for many reasons. It is a wonderful natural product to add to your beauty routine.

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits to the Skin and Hair:

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

Jamaican black castor oil contains fatty acids like omega-3 and ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, and other nutrients. It has hydrating, nourishing, and cleansing properties, making it essential for healthy happy skin and hair!

Health Benefits of omega 3: (found in Jamaican Black Castor Oil)

Use for Moisturizing Hair

The vitamins and nutrients in jamaican black castor oil help in retaining moisture of hair on the shafts, which prevents hair thinning and split ends.

Use for Flow of Blood to the Scalp and the Skin

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

Jamaican Black castor oil increases blood flow. It also enhances the distribution of nutrients on the skin and scalp. This will ultimately stimulate hair growth and cell turnover. Healthy skin also means keeping away acne and blemishes

Prevent Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

The nutrients found in jamaican black castor oil will fix an itchy dry scalp. Apply liberally and let soak in over night.

Hair Growth & Thickening

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

In contrast, JBCO also helps thicken hair. The fatty acids increase product development, and the added stimulation to the scalp enables hair to grow in thicker and faster. Use this oil if you are looking for longer hair, and want to grow it out quickly.  image via

JBCO for Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

You can grow out your eyelashes and eyebrows the same way as your hair. The nutrients found in Jamaican Black Castor Oil have the same wonderful effect on any area of the body where applied. To grow your eyelashes longer and thicker at home, apply the JBCO to a cotton swab and coat on like mascara, or brush over the eyebrows. Let sit overnight and rub off in the morning.  Click here for DIY Tricks to Making Eyelashes Look Longer

Prevention of Hair Breakage

Your hair will become lush and thicker, this also means your hair will be stronger. The stronger your hair is, the less it will break. Jamaican Black Castor Oil offers a cycle of wonderful benefits.

Works for all kinds of Hair

A major benefit or advantage of the Black Castor Oil Is that it can be used by anybody. The oil is suited for use on all hair types and textures. It is most known for hydrating dry hair, and smoothing frizzy hair. But, as I mentioned, it will increase the luster, strength, and length of any hair type.

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Moisturizing the Skin

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil’s fatty acids and nutrients keep the skin nourished and lock in moisture. Rub some JBCO on dry hands, feet, and elbows to keep your problem areas from drying out. This is also a great DIY treatment for those with eczema since it is extremely nourishing.

Preventing Blemishes and removing impurities

The healing properties in JBCO can help combat acne and ward off blemishes. The oil removes impurities from the skin, which includes unclogging pores. Aside from acne, Jamaican Black Castor Oil can help fight other bacterias and fungi, such as athlete’s foot, toe fungus, and warts. Just apply to the problem area.

Healing wounds, pain killer

Their are anti-inflammatory agents found in jamaican black castor oil which can help heal wounds and effectively reduce pain. Massage the oil over the affected area.  An added side effect is this can also reduce noticeable signs of acne. Apply the oil over acne, or over cuts to help heal.

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How to Use Your Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

Check out Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits | DIY BEAUTY at

DIY Treatment for Longer Hair

On top of being extremely nourishing, Jamaican Black Castor Oil also absorbs easily into the hair and scalp, making it a clean treatment. No mess, no problem. Here’s how to grow your hair longer naturally with JBCO:

    • Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to clean roots and scalp.
    • Massage with fingertips and let sit overnight.
    • Jamaican Black castor oil absorbs easily, so you don’t have to worry about pillow residue.
    • Check your hair in the morning. Depending on your hair type you may need to shower it out.
    • If you have dry hair it may have absorbed into the hair.
    • Enjoy longer stronger hair in 1 to 2 weeks.

DIY Treatment for Acne

Here’s how you can treat acne with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This process requires two steps. A cleansing treatment, and a leave on treatment. Follow the steps below to fight acne naturally.

    • Start with a clean face and allow your pores to open by taking a hot shower or steam bath.
    • Then, with a clean cloth, rub jamaican black castor oil over the acne-ridden area

It is recommended to use jamaican black castor oil with ylang ylang in it. Ylang Ylang reduces the production of sebum which is the #1 cause of acne.

    • Rub in a circular motion over entire affected area.
    • Allow to sit for a few minutes to be absorbed.
    • Rinse face with warm water until all oil has been removed.
    • Splash face with cold water to close pores, and blot face with dry towel to seal the skin.
    • Now apply the oil again, and allow to sit overnight. Add extra oil over problem areas.
    • Rinse off in the morning.


Conclusion Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Skin and Hair can be effective in providing results desired by the users. One just needs to follow the procedures for use correctly. Follow them well to ensure that your hair and skin will receive the benefits they deserve! Buy your own Jamaican Black Castor Oil here:


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