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25 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger | DIY Home Decor Hacks

How-to-Make-a-Bedroom-Look-Bigger | 25 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger | DIY Home Decor Hacks | Featured

Want to know how to make a bedroom look bigger? If you need some tips to help you with your small space, look no further!

DIY Bedroom Ideas | How To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

My friend recently came to me with a problem, well probably not really a problem but more of a challenge. She recently moved to a new apartment and let’s just say the bedroom wasn’t as big as she wanted it to be. I’ve done a couple of DIY ideas for small spaces before so I knew that making her bedroom look bigger would be easy with the right changes in mind!

If you have the same goal and the same challenge, here are 25 easy ways you can make your bedroom bigger! You’ll love this infographic:

25 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger | DIY Home Decor Hacks

You can thank for these wonderful tips!


25 Easy Ways to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

  1. Paint the ceilings darker or with a bold pattern.

Mirror Wall| How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

2. Mirrors are the ultimate illusion. You can try making this DIY mirror wall!

3. Use bold wall art.

4. Color code everything.

5. Coordinate vertically or horizontally.

6. Use space saving furniture.

No Drapes | How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

7. No dark drapes (or better yet, no drapes at all!)

8. Avoid excessive furniture.

9. Use a light-colored, simple-patterned bed sheet or quilt.

10. Utilize empty space.

11. Get creative with bedding.

12. Keep furniture low to the ground.

Mount Shelves | How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

13. Mount shelves.

14. Use smaller lamps.

15. Stay out of the middle zone.

16. Keep it organized.

17. Use furniture with exposed legs.

18. Try built-in shelving around your bedding.

19. Use see-thru furniture.

20. Use monochromatic paint.

Light Colored Walls | How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

21. Paint your walls light colors.

22. Use high drapes.

23. Don’t let the drapes hit the floor.

24. Keep it simple.

25. Paint the trim around the room a slightly lighter color.


Are you going to give these tips a try? Let us know below in the comments!

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