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Beachy Living Room Ideas For Your Home

Style your home this summer with these eye-catching beachy living room ideas! Check out this post and find an entire ocean of inspiration.

Beachy Living Room Ideas To Get The Beach Year Round

Bringing a beachy vibe to your living room isn’t all that hard. It’s all about nailing a relaxing beach mindset. So whether you’re planning on making the beach the center of your living room design, or if you just want a subtle reminder of summer, I have all sorts of great beachy living room ideas. Set your vacation mood and get inspired now!


1. Seashells Glamour

Put your seashell collection to good use as home decor. Use them as wall art, or place them in a clear vase as a substitute to fresh flowers. These easy seashell crafts ideas are perfect DIY projects you’ll really enjoy doing after your next trip to the beach.


2. Palm Trees

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When we think of the beach, palm trees are surely one of the first things to pop into our heads. You need not bother with real greens to include a touch of palm trees to your living space. You can have throw pillows printed with palm trees, or a framed print of palm trees. This way, you can sit back and relax under the palm trees right in the comfort of your home.


3. Relaxing Waves

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Lay back and relax while enjoying the wonderful scenery of ocean waves right at the comfort your living room. Blue is also an elegant hue to introduce into your living room, and it wonderfully coordinates with almost any other color. I love the ideas of painted waves hung up on the wall.


4. Tropical Flowers

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Just like palm trees, there are specific flowers that remind us of the beauty of the tropics. Choose a rug with beautiful tropical patterns and make use of vibrant colors and intriguing patterns. It’s sure to become the centerpiece accent of your living room.



5. Tropical Animals

For bolder and more unique tastes, why not take advantage of a tropical animal print? All kinds of fish, birds, and tropical animals can be chic additions to a living room. This graphic bird print in vibrant, bold colors is the perfect statement piece to hang on the wall.


6. Starfish

Another subtle print you can use is a starfish. Go for big, graphic prints, or may use an actual starfish as decoration. You’ll feel like you’re lying on the beach while simply lounging in your living room.


7. Blue Patterns

Check out Beachy Living Room Ideas For Your Home at

It’s really easy to add a nautical touch to your living room. Prints that come in navy, sea, or sky blue are subtle ways to bring the beach into your living room. The beautiful blue rug to go along with classy furniture is a great idea.


8. Pineapples

If you can’t have a real Piña Colada by the beach, pineapple prints are the next best thing. They’re bright, fun, and very trendy right now.


This video from Grig Stamate has more great beachy living room ideas you can choose from:

Ready to bask in the beach vibe? Choose your favorite beachy living room ideas and have fun mixing and matching them! With these amazing beach themed decorations, every inch of your living space can have the warmth of the beach – from pillows, to rug, to décor.

Which beachy living room idea do you find interesting? Would you give it a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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