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46 Awesome Baking Hacks

46 Awesome Baking Hacks
46 Awesome Baking Hacks
46 Awesome Baking Hacks

Baking is science.


Our sister site Homemade Recipes wants to help us all out with these 46 professional baking hacks to make your life so much easier.

It’s all about following exact measurements to achieve desired consistency; understanding why you should follow baking times to ensure texture; knowing how to mix and match flavors to satisfy the sweet tooth of discerning palates.

As important precision is to the entire process of baking, there are a few tips, tricks and hacks that can make the entire thing funner and more enjoyable—even for the most novice of bakers.

Here are 46 Baking Hacks to Become the Next Bake Sale Superstar


enhanced-buzz-25862-1406127045-111. Eggshells in your bowl are sometimes, inevitable. Soak your finger in water and place it next to the visible bits of broken shell. You’ll notice it will gravitate towards your finger allowing you to fish it out easily. This and more great baking ideas here.

2. There is no shame in baking a boxed cake. Take it to the next level but using butter instead of the recommended vegetable oil, and substituting milk for water. Trust controversial Paula Deen when it comes to adding more butter.

3. Add frosting to cookies and cupcakes neatly and easily by using a syringe. Fill up a regular syringe with the frosting of your choice and start decorating. See the demonstration of this baking technique here.

4. Cookies are best enjoyed moist and chewy. Make sure they stay like that by popping an apple wedge into your cookie jar when storing them. Click this link to know why.

5. You’ll never have a hard time trying to remove your freshly baked cakes from the pan. Mix shortening, oil and flour in a bowl and brush the mixture onto your cake pans before adding the batter. See the full recipe here.

6. Impress family and friends with the most intricate pastry frosting—take a piece of lace and place it on top of your cake. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar it. Lift the lace off gently. Find more about this baking trick here.

7. The easiest way to make swirly frosting? Fit two bags in one icing tip and squeeze away. See this and more baking hacks here.

8. The great thing about making your own frosting instead of store-bought variants is that you have an entire spectrum of colors to choose from. Mix your own hues by using this simple guide below. For more ideas on how to make a cake with its specialized frosting, see this post.

9. Did you know that you can use Jell-O as a frosting substitute when you’re out of food coloring? See the complete recipe here.

10. Brown sugar is healthier, but also harder to work with. If your stock has turned hard, pop it in the microwave and place a wet paper towel over it. Nuke for 20 seconds.

11. Avoid brown sugar from getting hard again by storing it with a slice of bread. Learn how and why it can do so here.

For the rest of these awesome hacks, check out the whole post from Homemade Recipes!

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