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14 First Day of School Crafts & Activities

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The first day of school is just around the corner! Prepare these diy crafts, and first day of school activities and ideas to make the kids' first day a memorable one. These fun projects are a great way to kill time as the days approach, or make on the first day for a bonding activity for the whole classroom! Check out all the great ideas to get the new school year started off right.

First Day of School Crafts and Activities For Kids

It's back to school again and what better way to start the school year than kids crafts. In my opinion, kids should learn how to craft and do easy craft projects at an early age. Not only do they get entertained but it also enhances their creativity and imagination. So if you're looking for some fun crafts for kids for their first day of school, you've come to the right place. Check out these first day of school craft ideas I've rounded up!


1. Painted Stones

If you want a craft project that rocks, this is it. See how here.


2. Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

Children should learn how to care for animals. Start them small with this DIY bird feeder. Get the steps here.


3. Painted Salt Sculptures

This is such a fun craft project kids can make. Shape it and paint it. Get the tutorial here.


4. Classroom Love Wall Art

Here's something you can bring to school for the first day. I'm sure your teacher will appreciate it. Get the instructions here.


5. Kid's Stained Glass Art Project

Stained glass doesn't always have to be made from glass. Sometimes you just need some contact paper and Sharpies. Get the steps here.



6. Monogram Art

Kids will surely love this fluffy and colorful art project. Teach them with this tutorial.


7. Natural Art Animal Pictures

Planning to take the kids out for a little nature time? Have them gather some leaves and twigs for this natural art. Get the instructions here.


8. Animal Pom-poms

Just in case they want something a little fluffier, try these animal pom-poms instead. Get the tutorial here.


9. Under the Sea Art

Show the kids sea life with this under the sea art project. Check it out here.


10. Kool-Aid Playdough

Have the kids make their own playdough. They'll have fun making and playing with it. Get the tutorial here.


11. Friend Tree

The first day of school may be challenging. Let the kids make new friends by making this DIY friend tree. See it here.


12. Tattle Monster

Instead of telling the teacher, why not make this tattle monster and have them write it down. Check it out here.


13. Letter of the Week

Kids will learn to be crafty when they focus on one thing at a time. See it here.


14. It's About Time

If they don't know how to tell the time yet, here's a great craft project to help them out. Get the instructions here.


Want to see how you can make the first day of school special? Then check out this video from eHowFamily:


Which of these first day of school crafts are you sharing with your kids? Let me know how it went in the comments below!
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