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Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes

Deck repairs are essential if you want to get the most out of your outdoor sanctuary. These deck repairs will make sure your garden deck is as beautiful as nature itself!

Deck Repairs to Keep Your Garden Deck Pristine

It’s no surprise a garden deck often needs repairing. Because it’s outside our home, it’s very susceptible to different weather conditions and elements of nature. When we notice the wear and tear of our garden deck, it’s often too late and we end up spending too much to have it replaced. But if you know these basic deck repairs, you won’t ever have to worry about building an entirely new deck! All homeowners must know that maintenance is key. From the basic deck repairs to the grittiest ones, I’ve got them right here!


1. Sealing Your Deck For Protection

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The most reasonable DIY fix among these deck repairs is to seal your deck for protection. This allows the deck to withstand all sorts of damage. All you need are paint pads, a pole extender, and some WaterSeal. It’s just as easy as mopping the floor, except you’re not doing it with water but with WaterSeal!

Tip: Mop with and not against the wood grain.


2. Stripping a Deck

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

Stripping your deck is one of the most essential deck repairs you must learn. It’s the single most important step in refinishing or redoing your deck. Think of it as a clean slate. To do this, you’ll need a wood finish remover to strip the deck of all its coating. Then, you’ll have to wash the deck with water and let it dry. Once you’re happy with the way it looks, it’s time to sand the rough areas before you begin decorating or staining.


3. Replacing Deck Boards

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

Some garden decks are simply beyond surgery and deck boards must be replaced. This might be one of the toughest deck repairs you’ll ever have to learn but it’s worth it. Using a pry bar and a hammer, remove the damaged boards. Pick deck boards you love and attach them using decking screws (not nails!).

Tip: For new deck boards, pressure-treated ones are ideal.


4. Fix Wobbly Deck Posts

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

If you’re lucky, this DIY fix is the only one you’ll need from these deck repairs. The secret to this deck repair is post anchor kits. You’ll have to drill a 1/4”-diameter hole on the base of the deck post in which the anchor’s stem will be inserted. After this crucial step, it’s all about creating minimal support to ensure your deck posts don’t wobble anymore.


5. Staining a Deck

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

Staining a deck is both a practical and decorative activity. It is essential to deck repairs because they provide a protective coating and add aesthetic value. Simply spray your chosen coat to each board until you cover the entire deck. Use a nap roller to spread the coating evenly and let it dry.



6. Say Goodbye to Wood Rot

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Wood rot might just be the worst enemy of a garden deck, and deck repairs are here to save you from it. Whatever type of wood your deck is made of, it will be subject to rotting conditions. Begin by scraping as much wood rot as you can, and vacuuming the loose particles you leave as you go. Sand this area before you create the Bando-cream hardener mixture. Apply the mixture to the damaged area as smoothly as possible, and wipe off any remaining stains.


7. Treating a Splintering Deck

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

The wooden boards of your deck begin to splinter because of so many different weather conditions they’re exposed to. To fix this problem, you’ll first have to bleach your deck by spraying a mixture of bleach and water and letting it dry. Sand the deck and then spray it with your chosen treatment. Remember to be careful about splinters throughout the entire process. Wear protective gear and use a power sprayer and a floor sander, if you can.


8. Fix Wood Holes

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

Deck repairs attend to a variety of wood problems: rots, splinters, and now, holes. Before filling wood holes, you’ll want to tape the area around it first so they don’t get affected by what you’re about to do. After you do this, you can then apply Epoxy to the hole using a wooden popsicle stick. Wipe any excess Epoxy using baby wipes, and let it dry. To finish, sand the area until it’s smooth and level with the rest of the deck.


9. Cleaning Reclaimed Wood

Check out Essential Garden Deck Repairs: DIY Fixes at

Some of us have chosen to build their decks with reclaimed wood for a variety of practical reasons. If you’re one of these people, here’s how to keep your deck spick-and-span. Simply sand your deck until it’s smooth, before you scrub it with hot water mixed with soap. And then, to make sure it doesn’t only look clean, but is actually free of bacteria, steam your deck!


Watch this video from David Domoney for more garden deck repairs:

Learning these deck repairs will ensure you reap the rewards of investing on a garden deck! You’ll have your original deck, which you planned with a vision and created with love, well until retirement! Who knows, it might even withstand wear and tear long enough until you have to pass it on. Keeping your garden deck at its best with these deck repairs is the best and most relaxing gift you can give to your hardworking self!


Do you know any other genius deck repair tips? Let us know in the comments below!
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