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Backyard Furniture Projects You Can DIY

Amp up your yard’s wow-factor with cool backyard furniture. The best part is, most of these DIY projects use upcycled materials, saving you a few bucks! Dave and I love backyard furniture pieces made of upcycled materials. We tend to be pretty sentimental when it comes to our things so we’re not big fans of throwing things away. In line with this, here are some backyard and outdoor furniture projects you can make from materials you probably already have at home.

Backyard Furniture For A More Lounge-Friendly Yard


1. Upcycled Outdoor Table

Have a broken wooden gate at your disposal? It seems you don’t have to say goodbye to your good old gate. Disassemble the wooden pieces and turn it into an upcycled outdoor table.

Dave’s tip: If the wood to be used is pretty old, it may be better to saw the palings off first. That way, you reduce any chances of splitting the wood.

2. Concrete Side Table

I’ve always dreamed of having a concrete side table, however, found the ones in stores to be too expensive. Fortunately, Dave offered to DIY one from scratch using leftover wood boards from a previous project.

Dave’s tip: Use a concrete mix instead of pure concrete for this DIY project, as the former won’t make the table as heavy.

3. Upcycled Macrame Chair

This macrame chair is the latest addition to our backyard. It’s the perfect lounge chair for Spring, especially if I have a cool drink in hand. When making a macrame chair, remember to crochet the cords tightly. This will help make a more sturdy seat.

4. Wine Barrel Water Fountain

I just love how Dave never seems to run out of projects for my growing wine bottle collection! We didn’t spend as much on this project as the wine barrel was actually donated to us by my favorite wine store — I guess you could say we’re regulars.

Dave’s tip: It’s important to set the fountain on a leveled surface. Doing so will ensure the water cascades all around the edges and not just in one area.

5. Hammock Chair

This DIY project is perfect for little ones who want to experience lounging in a hammock. For added comfort, place a small pillow on the seat. You’ll only adore your children more enjoying their makeshift hammock like you used to.

6. Rolling Cooler Ottoman

The main materials you’ll need to make a rolling cooling ottoman are a plain Styrofoam cooler and some plywood. Make a box and lid from the plywood. Then, ensure it’s big enough to fit the Styrofoam cooler inside. Finally, layer on some paint and attach casters at the bottom.

Dave’s tip: For easier handling, you can screw handles on the cooler as well.

7. Outdoor Couch

Add an outdoor couch to your backyard to make the area more lounge-friendly — perfect for get-togethers. This tutorial will have you finished within 4 hours or less. You will always have a place to accommodate your visitors with your outdoor couch.

Dave’s tip: Depending on your current location and weather conditions, it may be best to leave the wood stain to dry overnight before placing your pillows in.

8. Mason Jar Lanterns 

All you’ll need to make these mason jar lanterns are wire, a few mason jars, a pair of pliers, gravel, and tea candles. By the way, be sure to twist the wire tightly around the loops. Doing so will ensure your jars won’t fall to the ground.

9. Log Lounger

This cool log lounger will be a favorite of your friends and neighbors. To save a few more extra bucks, head to a landscaping company specializing in reclaimed landscaping waste to buy your logs from.

Dave’s tip: You can use shorter and cheaper lag screws by drilling into the logs with a large drill bit.

10. Corner Day Bed

Place a corner day bed in your backyard to keep the family outdoors on a sunny day. It’s a bright idea for where the whole family can spend time out of the house walls. A corner daybed is also a wonderful idea for giving a touch of uniqueness in your backyard.

Dave’s tip: Save your screws by using a nail gun to create the frame for the daybed.

11. Ladder Planter

Saving up on your backyard’s floor space? No worries! This ladder planter won’t be a burden. Did I mention a vertical planter such as this one helps make a small space look bigger too?

12. Outdoor Bench

This project is great because it allows you to change the colors of the bench whenever you’re in the mood for something new. It’s a very simple project. The only hassle you’ll probably encounter is choosing the next combination of colors for your bench.

Tip: Give yourself an easier time by painting the pallets in different colors before placing them on the bench frame.

13. Tire Coffee Table

Turn your old tires into a coffee table. Just don’t forget to clean them first before handling. Once dried, spray some paint on the tires and finish off by placing your glass top. You’ll never know when those old tires become useful again.

14. Simple Hammock

Would you believe this simple hammock was made from a beach towel? It’s such an ingenious hack and a great way to use those extra beach towels from last summer.

Tip: If you don’t have any leather strappings, you can opt to use canvas instead.

15. Glass Top Pallet Table

Dave’s a whiz when it comes to making tables, so he made a glass top pallet table to place in our backyard. For the glass top, he recommends using a tempered glass for added safety, as it’s stronger than regular glass.

16. Tiled Bar

This tiled bar features a shelf at the back where all the bottles and garnishes can be stored. It looks kind of old-fashioned but an elegant one at that. Why not DIY one in time for your next weekend party?

Dave’s tip: Don’t forget to place grout sealer once the grout has cured.

17. Kids’ Picnic Table

Give your kids a picnic table suited for their size. It’s nice to have something where the kids can eat comfortably, sit down and chat, as well as a place to rest after an entire afternoon of playtime.

Dave’s tip: Keep a speed square by your side for this project. You’ll need it to check if all the angles are right.

18. Pallet Furniture Set

This pallet furniture set is one way to keep your backyard patio furniture uniform in design. By the way, don’t forget to put wheels on the legs of the table to make it easier to change positions on your patio. Choose the best patio umbrellas big enough to cover your desired amount of space.

Dave’s tip: When choosing which piece to build first, always go for the one that will use up more wood. You never know, your leftover wood pallets might just be enough to make the remaining furniture pieces.

19. Mosaic Tile Table

Make an ode to Gaudi with this mosaic tile table. In a hurry? No worries, you can simply grab a tile blend at your local hardware store instead. This idea adds beauty and color in your backyard.

Dave’s tip: You can use either tile or reclaimed wood for the top of your table.

20. Cinder Block Bench

Backyard Fence Ideas

This cinder block bench gives a good dose of industrial design to a backyard. Since the bench will be placed outdoors, don’t forget to coat it with a layer of water seal to help withstand the elements.

Dave’s tip: Make the bench more sturdy by using a heavy-duty construction adhesive such as Liquid Nails.

21. Patio Cooler Stand

Dave’s a stickler for having a cooler full of drinks during a barbecue so he built a patio cooler stand from scratch. By the way, don’t forget to include a little bottle opener on the side. Your guests will appreciate it!


Learn how to take care of your backyard furniture in this video by Lowe’s Home Improvement:

I sure hope these backyard furniture pieces give you enough inspiration to start your DIY projects! After all, not only will it make you more crafty, but you’ll also get to save loads of bucks making your own furniture!

Which backyard furniture pieces did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. I enjoyed most of the furniture items displayed here but the log seat looks most uncomfortable…..I can’t even imagine relaxing on it.

  2. I don’t understand the DYI with post that are nothing but a blog of pics and useless information – aren’t they about making it yourself with instructions and plans etc?


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