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200 Home Maintenance Tips and Repair Ideas You Can DIY

Let these home maintenance tips be your partner when it comes to keeping your house safe, clean, and not to mention, cozy!

Easy Home Maintenance Tips & Repair Go-To Guide For You

Find everything you ever wanted to know in this home maintenance tips and repair guide! Whether you’re in the middle of spring cleaning or if you’ve got a plumbing problem you need to fix, all the solutions can be found in this roundup.


All Around The House

1. 10 Home Appliance Maintenance Tips

Want to make the most of your home appliances, such as your fridge and freezer? Make sure the rubber gaskets are regularly cleaned to work and seal properly.

2.13 Cleaning Hacks You Can Do In 10 minutes

Only have 10 minutes to spare for a cleaning session? Make a mental note to have a mixture of lemon peels soaked in vinegar in advance. It’ll make for an awesome wood polish!

3. 3 Quick DIY Home Improvement Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value

Up your home’s value by painting, enhancing the molding, and improving the lighting. By the way, did you know that houses have higher appraisal value if they have dim lights?

4. Furniture Makeover To Spruce Up Your Home

Give your old furniture a facelift with these tips! Don’t forget to have a roll of sandpaper ready whenever you’re working with wood — it helps prevent unwanted splinter accidents.

5. Ingenious DIY Hacks For Home Improvement

Looking for smarter ways to improve your home? This guide has hacks for almost every room of your house. Speaking of, I love the home project ideas to help liven up a living room. These mason jars look so charming when hung and used as air vases.

6. 20 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do With A Hammer and Nail

Get to cracking with some DIY projects you can do with a hammer and a nail.

Tip: When making a daybed with extra storage compartments, wipe off any excess glue from the wood. This will help ensure you are able to stain your new furniture without missing any spots.

7. 5 Natural Products For The Home

Olive oil isn’t just for recipes in the kitchen anymore! Did you know you could use it to clean leather furniture and parquet as well?

8. Learn to Paint Anything in Your Home

This guide tells you which paint best pairs well with the different surfaces. If you choose to use spray paint, don’t forget to put a mask on to prevent smelling the fumes.

9. Quick Fixes For Common Home Problems You Can Easily Do Yourself

DIY a quick fix in your home! If you notice your ceiling fan starting to wobble, check for any loose screws and simply tighten with your handy screwdriver.

10. 50 Uses of Shoe Goo

Who would’ve thought shoe goo could be used for home maintenance tips and repair? Personally, I love how just a few squeezes of it can help fill in the holes in air conditioning vents.

11. 5 Ways To Spruce Up The Homestead

Looking for a way to improve your bathroom? Instead of a full remodel, why not refinish it instead? You’ll end up spending only a fraction of the price.

12. Green Cleaning Tips To Prevent Mold In House

Did you know that grapefruit seed extract can prevent mold in the house? Simply mix around 20 drops of it with 2 cups of water, and then spray it on areas you'd like to treat. It'll work wonders in your house.

13. 8 Amazing Stinky Home Remedies

A stinky dishwasher is one of the most horrible smells ever. To remedy this, soak the dishwasher cover and filter in a mixture of dish soap and hot water. It'll help dissolve the grime and gunk.


Home Repair And Maintenance Specifics

14. Reclaimed Wood Home Improvement Projects

When working with reclaimed wood, don’t forget to take out any existing nails, screws, or staples from the wood. After clearing, cleaning, and de-tacking, do a thorough sanding after as well to smooth out the different sides.

15. Easy Wooden Furniture Repair Tips and Tricks

If you’re having trouble reaching the little nooks and crannies of your wood carvings, don’t despair. All you’ll need is a cotton swab, it’ll do the trick!

16. How to Season & Restore a Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron is one of the kitchen essentials. To help take proper care of it, thoroughly dry the cast iron skillet by placing it in the oven to remove all of its moisture.

17. Mold In Basement: How Do You Remove Them?

A fungicide will help rid your basement of its mold. When coating the mold with it, don’t forget to wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a facemask.

18. How to Paint Wood Furniture

When painting wood, it’s best to sand down the wood first to ensure the paint will stick on. Sanding the wood also takes out any existing wax or seals that may have been placed on the wood.

19. 3 DIY Hacks For Cleaning Laminate Floors The Right Way

One top tip for cleaning laminate floors is wiping away spills straightaway. Trust me, it’s good to practice discipline in making sure your laminate floor isn’t damp for a long time.

20. How To Paint Concrete Floors

Remember, paint won’t stick to oily surfaces. So before you begin, prep your concrete floor with a degreaser first and then let it dry before painting.

21. How To Clean Marble Floors

One of the tricks to cleaning marble floors is in the motion used. Move your mop in a figure 8 like motion on the floor. Then repeat until your marble floor is free from dirt. If there's still grime leftover, you may opt to use either ammonia or a neutral ph cleaner to pick up the remaining residue.

 22. How to Reupholster a Chair

Do you have a chair you want to bring back to life? Reupholster it, and it will look as good as new! Don't forget to pull the fabric when you attach it over the foam. This will help ensure it is snug and tight.

23. How To Paint Wood Paneling

Here’s one of my secrets for painting walls: place masking tape on the borders of the wood panels. This will ensure the paint won’t get to places such as the baseboard or the ceiling.

24. Eliminate Musty Smell in Basement

Rid your basement of any smells with either baking soda, lemon, or dishwashing soap. Personally, I favor the baking soda the most. All you have to do is buy a box, rip the top open, and leave it where the smell is. That's all it takes!

25. How to Lay Tile Floor

DIY a tile floor you can be proud of. When removing the excess grout, position your float in a diagonal manner. This will ensure that you only take out the excess and not the grout in between the tiles.

26. DIY Leather Couch Repair

Repair cuts and scratches on your leather couch with a patch of cloth. Just be sure to use a piece slightly bigger than the tear found on the couch.

27. Home Plumbing Tips

Annoyed with a leaky faucet? Here’s a plumbing tip for you: Tighten the handles with a wedge. Sometimes that’s all it takes to solve the problem.

28. How To Get Rid of Roaches At Home

One of the best ways to rid your house of roaches is to clean regularly. Start by storing food in airtight containers so the bugs can’t get to them.

29. Smart Fire and Electrical Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe

One of the important things to remember when pet-proofing is to restrict access to any and all indoor and electrical wiring. Doing this is necessary as sometimes unrestrained pets tend to get curious in the house and could wreak havoc on wires.

30. Termite Infestation Signs

If you spy any tubes like this in your floors or walls, then it could be a sign of termites in the house. I definitely recommend keeping a good eye out for any signs of these tunnel-looking things. Check every nook and corner if you can.


For The Outdoors

31. Care Tips For Outdoor Furniture So It Lasts Longer

This list will help you take care of your patio furniture. All it takes to clean this furniture is a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

32. Roofing Tips And Tricks For Flat Roofs

Got a leak on your flat roof? Here’s how to remedy it: Locate the leak and put a coat of acrylic waterproof sealant. By the way, make sure to get a sealant that works well with your roofing material.

33. DIY Pool Maintenance Guide

Say goodbye to your pool cleaning service fees by maintaining the pool yourself. All you have to do to start is skim your pool and rid it of any fallen leaves and debris.


By The Season

34. Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Bedroom

The secret to fluffing pillows is to place them in a dryer with 2 tennis balls. Just be sure to check if the pillows are dryer-safe before tossing them in.

35. Surprising Household Hacks For Spring Cleaning

Rid your home of any foul odors with the help of cinnamon. Leave a sprinkling of the spice on the carpet overnight and hoover it up with a vacuum the day after. Now isn’t that just a nifty hack?

36. 10 DIY Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

Do a vinegar rinse cycle on your washer to keep it clean. Did I mention all you need to make the vinegar rinse are 2 things? Vinegar and hot water. Really, that’s all you’ll need.

37. Spring Cleaning Checklist for Homesteaders

Get your grill barbecue ready by giving it a good scrub. Just make sure to wash off all the soap after to prevent your meat from tasting like soap.

38. How To Winterize Your Home

Help insulate your house during winter by taking care of your windows. Some of my favorite hacks for this include the additions of window insulation film and layered curtains.

39. 18 Tips for Water Heater Tune Up To Save Up This Winter

Don’t set your water heater beyond 120 degrees. Doing so could decrease its efficiency. You also run the risk of scalding if a higher temperature is placed.

40. Livestock and Barn Winter Tips

Stock up on hay even if it’s only the summertime because that’s when it’s cheapest. You can simply store in your barn until needed.

41. Winterizing Your Home 101

Avoid drafts in the room by putting up thick curtains. If you have wooden floors, I'd also recommend looking for a thick rug to place on top of the floor.

42. Tips for Storing Patio Furniture In The Winter

Here's a space-saving tip to help you safely store your patio furniture during winter: Stack the pieces of furniture first before you start covering them. That way, you won't need to buy too many cover sets.


Tools Of The Trade

43. Your Workbench Toolbox Should Have These 9 Non-Conventional Tools

Magnets are great for picking up screws or nails that fall on hard to reach places. It’s definitely one of the underrated gems of my husband, Dave’s, toolbox.

44. Top Power Tools Every DIY Enthusiast Should Know

Looking to stock up on power tools soon? Have a look at this guide! It’ll even tell you the uses of the different power tools. For example, did you know a miter saw is great at making angled cuts?

45. The Complete Guide To Wood Working Tools For Beginners

Dave and I love working with wood for DIY projects. Personally, I find the nail gun to be such a life saver when it comes to big projects, like this wood pallet wall. It helps in reducing the number of nails and holes used.

46. 8 DIY Hacks To Make Your Woodworking Projects Easier

Can’t find a pair of scissors to cut your sheets of paper? Here’s a hack for you: Simply tear each sheet against a metal straight edge. It'll do the job just fine.

47. How To Use A Router

Need help learning how to use your router? I’ll admit it can be a little challenging and intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon realize how easy it is.

Tip: Don’t forget to start the router and let it get to its maximum speed before putting it against the wood.

48. How To Drill Into Concrete

When working with concrete, it’s best to use the masonry bit. It’s also the recommended drill bit when working with brick, block, stone, or quarry.

49. Ultimate App Guide For Carpenters

There’s an app for everything nowadays, even ones relating to carpentry! Dave and I sure are loving all the technology available. Did I mention some of these apps are free on the app store?

50. 10 Apps To Help With Home Renovation

Renovations can get crazy without proper organization. Fortunately, there are apps that can help. My favorite is the iHandy Carpenter because of all its features. It condenses a plumb bomb surface lever, protractor and so much more on the app.


Want more home maintenance tips? Watch this video to learn all about repairing wooden fences:

There you have it! Now you’ve got a whole guide to home maintenance tips and repair ideas you and the family can try. By the way, don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference! You never know when you’ll need it.

Which home repair and maintenance tip did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Want another page to bookmark? Check out this list to prepare for emergencies.


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  1. When preparing your home for winter, also remember to check furnace and replace filters. Dirty furnace filters cause your furnace to work harder than it should due to a decrease in airflow. The harder your furnace works, the quicker its parts will wear out and need repairs.


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