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10 Apps To Help With Home Renovation [Infographic]

Looking for the best apps to help with home renovation? Are you tired of the dull, old fashioned look of your home? Get some help solving your home renovation problems with the most useful apps available today!

Renovations can be excruciating and time consuming. Luckily, a new range of advanced technology can help to contain the chaos and keep things rational and orderly. See the latest and best home improvement apps to check out or download to help you complete your project!

10 Apps To Help With Home Renovation [Infographic]

If it's time for you to spruce up your home with a few changes. Apps to help with home renovation can be a perfect tool to help you achieve just the right look that you've been dreaming of. This is especially the case if you’re doing a challenging and unfamiliar task. There are several home improvement apps that can help you with everything from project management to choosing the right paint colors.

Kudos to the people of who’ve come up with the impressive infographic in this link that sums up 10 apps to help with home renovation.



10 Apps To Help With Home Renovation | Infographic

From mapping out tasks to setting a budget, choosing paint colors and taking precise measurements, home renovation is a multifaceted process. These handy apps to help with home renovation are bound to be very helpful for anyone thinking about remodeling their home.

Project Management

Home Improvement Planner

This is an excellent app for planning every part of your home renovation, from budgeting to design visualization and project tracking.


  • Track contractors with ease & contact them directly from the app
  • Construct a budget for every aspect of the overall renovation
  • Track the status of the work for each room in your home
  • View a 3D model of your floor plan by dragging & dropping items in place
  • Set reminders for impending tasks
  • Available on : Apple Cost : $5.77)

Augmented Reality

Build App Viewer

This is a reality user-friendly 3D home design app which can create models from photos in your device’s gallery, as well as a walkthrough virtual 3D tour of what your home may look like after the renovation.


  • 3D walkthrough tour
  • Built-in 3D furniture gallery
  • Built-in texture galleries for wall & floor decoration
  • 3D model creation from device’s camera
  • Share your completed model on social media
  • Work offline
  • Available on : Android and Apple Cost : Free

Home Design 3D

You can get a very detailed preview of how your room will appear in both 2D & 3D with this app, which offers an ideal combination of being easy to use as well as boasting comprehensive features.

Features :

  • Vizualise rooms in 2D & 3D
  • Import hand-draw plans into the app
  • Share on Dropbox to allow for other interested parties to view & make changes
  • Simple, effective drag & drop functions
  • More than 450 color varieties from which to select
  • More than 800 objects available to add to your plans
  • Select dimensions of every aspect of the house.
  • Available on : Android and Apple Cost : Free

Selecting Paint Colors

Tap Painter

TapPainter contains a powerful set of algorithms to detect wall edges, shadows and light distribution. It then uses such information to create an accurate impression of how colors will appear on your walls.

Features :

  • View how lighting will impact upon a paint color’s appearance
  • Upload images to a secure private server
  • Choose from a huge array of color fan decks
  • Mix your own custom color to see which brand offering best corresponds to your choice
  • Customize controls to define a shape to paint
  • (e.g. for painting walls in different colors)
  • Available on : Apple Cost : $2.16

Color Capture

This app allows you take a photo of any color that catches your eye and will suggest a match from Benjamin Moore’s extensive paint color range.

Features :

  • Save pictures with corresponding colors from the Benjamin Moore range
  • Create custom color combinations
  • Access Benjamin Moore’s selection of more than 3, 300 paint colors
  • Find an appropriate retailer near your location
  • Share your color choices on social media
  • Available on : Apple and Android Cost : Free

Calculations & Measurements

Handyman Calculator

DIY Butcher Block Cutting Board

This is a brilliant app which comes with a hugely extensive range of conversion and calculation features, covering everything from basic unit conversions to detailed calculations such as oil drilling pressure.

Features :

  • Easily manage simple conversions such as feet-to-inches & Celsious-to-Fahrenheit
  • Obtain more specific calculations including oil drilling pressure & shipment density
  • Calculate environmental factors such as energy usage & rainwater collection
  • Available on : Android Cost : Free

Home Improvement Calcs

This app is essentially an iOS version of Handyman Calculator, with a broad range of area and volume conversions, plus calculations for items such as concrete, bricks, electricity, heating and timber.

Features :

  • More than 170 calculations & conversions
  • Easy to solve calculations
  • Read inputs in either decimals or fractions
  • Save calculations & conversions to a list of favorites
  • Share calculations & conversions by email
  • Excellent search functionality to quickly find the calculation or conversion that you need
  • Available on : Apple Cost : $2.16

Renovation Ideas / Inspiration


If you’re searching for inspiration for home renovation ideas, Houzz has got you covered. You can access millions of photos of existing designs and add sketches to create your own dream design.

Features :

  • Browse more than 10 million high resolution photos
  • Connect with more than 1 million professional contractors
  • Customize photos by adding annotations & sketches as you desire
  • Use your phone’s camera to envisage how products will look within a room
  • Shop for products & read product reviews
  • Available on : Apple and Android Cost : Free

Zillow Digs

Zillow Digs is a fantastic source of home improvement ideas, with an abundance of cost estimates, paint colors and product details viewable on an excellent interface.

Features :

  • Browse images arranged by space & style
  • Collect & save images to boards
  • Share your saved images & ideas to social media
  • View in-depth details on a large range of products
  • Obtain estimates for your planned renovations
  • Available on : Apple Cost : Free

Virtual Tools

iHandy Carpenter

Instead of having to pack a plumb bomb, bubble level bar, surface level, protractor and ruler into an already crowded toolbox, condense all of these into one reliable and convenient app.

Features :

  • Plumb bomb to test the verticality of a wall
  • Surface level to check the slope of a surface
  • Bubble level bar to test the evenness of a wall or surface
  • Ability to use these as inclinometers once calibrated
  • Protractor to measure any angle up to 180 degrees
  • Steel ruler measuring both inches & centimeters
  • Ruler can be swiped left or right for measurements longer than that of your phone
  • Available on : Apple and Android Cost : US $2.16

Thanks for checking our Apps To Help With Home Renovation [Infographic] post! Which home renovation app will you try? Let me know in the comments section below.

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