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How to Lay Tile Floor | DIY Tiling

If you have plans of placing tiles in a space inside your home, think twice before getting professional help. Why? This task is super easy to do,so you might as well give it a try and learn how to lay tile floor. With the right tools and the tile of your choice, this is going to be one awesome DIY project.

How to Lay Tile Floor | DIY Tiling

Tiling may look tiresome, but with the right techniques, it's not going to be as tiring as one might think. Learning how to lay tile floor also means adding a personal touch to the masterpiece that is your home. Pick the type of tiles that will work best for you and your design, prepare your tools, and let's get the ball rolling.

 Supplies you'll need for tiling:

  • Tiles of your choice
  • Mortar
  • Grout
  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Layout markers

Tools to help you with tiling:

  • Tile Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Trowel
  • Float
  • Bucket (for mixing)


1. Know how you will want your tiles to lay.

Decide on how you would want to lay your tiles considering its size and the size of the area you will tile.

2. Measure the space.

Measure the space of the area you will lay tiles on. Put layout marks as you do so.

3. Place the tiles.

Lay your tiles as planned, and spread mortar as you go. Let it sit overnight.

4. Cut tile to size.


Cut tile pieces to accommodate parts of the room that are not even, or spaces that will take less of the tile size.

5. Fill lines with grout.

After having the mortar sit, it's time to grout. Fill the grout lines without leaving excess residue on the tile.

Hold the float at close to 90 degrees, as you pull it across the floor.

Make sure to pull the float diagonally across the grout line so that you don't pull the grout out of them. Only grout in manageable sections.

Wipe off any excess.

Here is the full video tutorial on how to lay tile floor from Craftsman

It takes a little bit of practice and patience to tile floors, but it's nowhere near impossible. Learning how to lay tile floors is such an advantage for you and your home, and the best benefit it can give you is you can save money on professional help.

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