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DIY Dog Toy Ideas

Dog toy ideas can help you create a bunch of cool toys to keep your furry friends entertained. We found some great options online. Check them out below!

T shirt ball

Check out DIY Dog Toy Ideas at

Check out this one from Yesmissy she found a really creative way to turn an old tshirt into a fun ball and chain toy for her dog.

T shirt wrapped water bottle

Apparenty t shirts are the best things to use for dog toys, who knew right. For this one   ammothedachshund used a water bottle wrapped in a tshirt to create a fun plastic bottle chew toy.

Two Toned Rope Ring

Check out DIY Dog Toy Ideas at

Another cool dog craft idea is this two toned rope ring as shown by Instructibles. You can view the full tutorial here

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

Stuffed Alien

Dog toy ideas come in all shapes and sizes, this one is in the shape of an alien. It’s actually a stuffed toy made with an old sweater and some felt. mysocalledcraftylife also put a squeaker inside the toy for an added surprise your dog is sure to love.



Have you tried any of these dog toy ideas? Tell us about it in the comment section below. We love hearing your feedback!

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