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Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know

WD-40 | Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know

These uses for WD-40 will make every DIY maven stock up on this product. Find out why as you read on!

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Uses for WD-40 Handy with Your DIY Ventures

Your DIY Projects and Schemes Could Use These Uses for WD-40

Who doesn’t know WD-40? If you don’t, then you must be living under a rock, because I have yet to meet someone whose into DIY and have no use for WD-40.

Yet, there might be one and it could be you, so what exactly is the WD-40? It is an oil and water-based spray popularly used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

It is extremely effective at loosing up screws and bolts or getting rid of rust on door hinges. However, there are many and I mean many other uses for WD-40, so check them out below.

1. Remove Stain from Counter

Stain from Counter | Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know
Stain from Counter Photo by Reader’s Digest

Admit it, some DIY-ers have a bit of a control issue and mess is a no-no, especially hard to clean ones like coffee, tea, or wine stains on the kitchen counter.

Don’t fret. Spray a little WD on a sponge or rag and wipe any hard-to-remove coffee or tea stains from your counter.

2. Soften Up Leather

Man polishing shoes | Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know
Break In Your Leather Photo by Bob Vila

New leather belts can be stiff and it might take a while to break them in. Well, a little WD-40 can instantly loosen up your leather belts and any other type of leather material you need soft.

In fact, when it comes to leather repair, cleaning, and maintenance, WD-40 does a reliable job–it even removes paint from leather. If you want to know how to repair a leather couch on your own, this article will help and you may use WD instead.

3. WD-40 Removes Gum and Other Sticky Materials

When your kids decide to stick gum on your carpets, kitchen table, or sofa, a little WD-40 spray can loosen up and remove dried gum in a matter of minutes.

Besides gums, you can also use the product to remove sticky tags and stickers from almost anything, from appliances to your walls.

4. Remove Crayons from Walls and Other Surfaces

Surface Stain Removal | Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know
Surface Stain Removal Photo by Bob Vila

The kids strike again, this time they’ve gone a little crazy with those colored crayons creating a mess of your freshly painted walls. Don’t worry its WD-40 to the rescue once again, a few sprays on the spot and you can easily wipe the crayon mess away.

5. DIY Car Care and Maintenance

Save a lot of cash from costly car care and maintenance with these five simple WD-40 hacks. Fix keyholes, remove the tire, and take out water from electronic parts are only some of the amazing uses for WD-40.

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6. DIY Car Fix

With WD-40 and a piece of cloth, you can skip a costly car repair over a slight scratch. Here’s how you can fix a car scratch using WD-40.

7. How to Clean Stainless Steel with WD-40

When your kitchen sink gets dirty and sticky this product can make it look shiny and new again. Spray WD-4o to a piece of cloth and wipe off the dirt from your stainless steel dishwasher.

You can also use this method to clean your refrigerator. For your kitchen stove, you can spray WD-40 liberally on the surface of the stove, then, scrub away.

8. Remove Oil Stains from Clothes

For those who do laundry on their own, especially those who handwash, oil stains are a bummer indeed, but the WD-40 will be your ally.

You will need baking soda and some blue Dawn dishwashing soap with the WD-40. Next, follow the step-by-step instructions in this video from Bibbers and Binx to eliminate the oil stain on your clothing articles.

9. DIY House Repairs

Small house repairs may seem cheap but stack them all up and the overall cost will frustrate you. Why suffer when you can do small repairs on your own with WD-40.

These are only some of the house repairs you can do with WD-40:

  • Clean rusted plumbing snake.
  • Loosen your stuck curtain rod.
  • Lubricate swing door hinges.
  • Restore bricks and grout to the original color.

10. Uses in DIY Woodworking

Nails in heart shape | Interesting Uses For WD-40 DIY Junkies Should Know | Featured

For DIY wood furniture, you can still use rusty nails by cleaning them first with WD-40. You can also protect the exposed nail heads with WD-40.

These are only some of the uses for WD-40 DIY buffs should know. If you want to know more, this ultimate list of uses for WD-40 will be very handy for sure.

If you DIY when it comes to your car care and maintenance, this video from Yar Buzz will show you more amazing uses for WD-40 for your automobile:

For DIY guys and gals who like to take matters into their own hands, the trusty WD-4o is something you shouldn’t be without. Now you know the many wonderful and practical uses for WD-40, I’m sure we can all agree it is a household item we should always have handy.

What uses for WD-40 have you tried on your DIY projects and feats? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 17, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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