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11 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Thumbtacks

Do you have a bunch of those gold and silver thumbtacks your teacher used to put on bulletin boards? We've listed 10 amazing ways to spruce up your home with the help of these little guys!

They're back! Thumbtacks are not just used in office and school, they're now the latest design obsession! Check out our roundup of 10 DIY home decorating ideas using thumbtacks:


11 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Thumbtacks


1. Sunburst Mirror

Add some glitz and glam to your mirror with thumbtacks!


2. DIY Thumbtack Wall Art

Express yourself with wall art. This DIY project is easy to create plus you don't have to spend a lot to make one. Try your kids' names on it for a more personalized home decor idea.


3. DIY Gold Wreath

Spruce up your front door with this fab gold wreath!


4. Diamond Pattern Wall

How about a diamond-studded wall? Yes, you can jazz up your plain old wall with the help of thumb tacks.


5. Ampersand Art

Add some chic DIY decor to your room with art pieces like this.


6. Faux Nailhead Trim Letter

Add some personality to your home decor with studded letters. You can make whatever letters you want! How about XOXO or your initials?


7. Rock Star Furniture

Transform your plain side table with this amazing use of thumbtacks!


8. Thumbtack Candles

Who wouldn't like gold candles? This DIY project is perfect on your center table! It can also be given to your friends as a gift.


9. Stylish Gold Balls

Grab some foam balls from your local craft store, and start pushing.You can also paint the tacks to match your room’s color palette.


10. DIY Fabric Cork Board

This nailhead-inspired trim is super simple and easy to customize. Now you can hang your pictures and to-do lists in style.

11. DIY Brass Thumbtack Necklace

Who would have thought you could make a glamorous and stylish accessory out of thumbtacks?!


Need other DIY home decor ideas using thumbtacks? Check out this video tutorial of DIY Thumb Tacks Canvas from WLoveLinda:


If you need to add some metallic touches to your home decor without spending a fortune, try out one of these fun thumbtack projects! Or try them all. Let us know how it went by leaving a comment below. 🙂 Happy DYI-ing!


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