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Create A “No Broom Parking” Halloween Sign

broom parking only | Create A No Broom Parking Halloween Sign | Featured

Greet the spooky season in style with this “No Broom Parking!” Halloween sign. Watch out because violators will be “toad”!

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Create A No Broom Parking Halloween Sign in 5 Easy Steps!


1. Paint and Sand Your Cabinet Door

paint wood | Wooden Halloween signs

First, paint your cabinet door with your chalk layer paint. Lightly sand it afterward to give it that nice, distressed look.

This will serve as the base for your wooden Halloween sign.

2. Stick On Your Vinyl Lettering

line up lettering | fall wood signs

Once your door’s nice and sanded down, stick your vinyl lettering on top of the cabinet door. Make sure to plan your layout first and get the spacing exactly right because once you’ve stuck them on your sign, there’s no going back.

When using stencils, carefully lay out the lettering by using tape before painting it white. You can also use other colors for this. Just remember to use contrasting colors to make it easier to see.

3. Remove the Transfer Paper

peel off vinyl lettering | wooden halloween decor

Carefully peel off the transfer paper off your vinyl letters. Go slow and take your time when doing this so you can make sure all your vinyl comes off the transfer paper.

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4. Screw in the D-Ring Hangers and Hooks

installing d hooks | halloween wood sign ideas

Flip your cabinet door over to the backside and screw on one D-ring hanger on each side.

installing hooks | scary halloween signs

Next, flip back your cabinet door and screw on your hooks so you have a place to hang your broom on.

5. Place Your Broom

hang broom on sign | funny halloween signs

With the three hooks in place, carefully place your broom onto the hooks, and voila! The “No Broom Parking” sign is ready for your Halloween party.

You can also try other ideas for this sign. Perhaps a hanging skeleton or even use it for other occasions for hanging coats or hats.

Here’s the finished product:

final product | halloween sign ideas

You got yourself a nice Halloween sign to decorate your wall with this season. Hope you enjoyed learning how to make this project and stay tuned for more spooky DIY ideas.

Now you’re ready to throw a DIY and cool Halloween party this year. Furthermore, you can also add other designs for your home this season where you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on.

Have you tried making some funny Halloween signs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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