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9 Halloween Wood Crafts To Decorate Your Spooky Home With

spooky homemade wooden yard signs halloween | 9 Halloween Wood Crafts To Decorate Your Spooky Home With | Featured

Welcome the spooky season with any of these Halloween wood crafts. Now’s the time to unearth all that scrap wood and make something new.

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9 Halloween Wood Crafts To Welcome Spooky Season

1. Directional Post Sign

jackolantern-halloween-bucket-candies-direction-sign | Halloween crafts

The weathered look on this directional post sign lends a haunted look to your yard. Have fun thinking up some spooky street names or monsters to go with it.

2. Cinnamon Broom

halloween-photo-witch-hat-broom | Diy outdoor halloween decorations

Nothing smells like fall the way cinnamon brooms do, but the smell does wear off quickly. Once this happens, you can add color to it by using acrylic paint and a cheap brush to paint a candy corn effect, then add a tidy bow for a final touch.

3. Carved Halloween Skull

wooden-skull-white-hanging-on-wall | Halloween decorations diy

Carve a skull on some reclaimed pallet wood or wooden blocks to put this skull decoration together. You can hang it on the wall and paint it any way you wish.

4. Halloween Wooden Silhouette

With some plywood, black spray paint, and some string lights, you can create some eerie scenery that just jumps at you when the night falls. Watch as your neighbors slow down and check out what’s going on.

5. DIY Halloween Ghost & Winter Snowman

The best Halloween wood crafts are the ones you can use beyond Halloween. Paint some logs white and create some décor pieces that double duty as both fall and winter decorations – a spooky ghost on one end and a frosty snowman on the other.

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6. Toe Pincher Coffin

scary-night-skeleton-coffin-crosses-gravestones | Easy halloween crafts

The skeleton peeking from this wooden coffin creates just the right amount of spook to even the most scaredy-cat of households. For a more accurate depiction, you can add wooden tombstones around it.

7. Halloween Wooden Mummy

concept-halloween-bats-mummy-jar-bandages | Homemade halloween decorations

Cut up some pallet wood into little pieces, wrap up in some bandages or cheesecloth, and add some googly eyes to finish it off.  Add even more decorations of your choosing to complete your mummy family.

8. “Boo!” Blocks

boo-word-abstract-vintage-letterpress-wood | Halloween craft

Paint some scrap wood blocks and stick on some wooden letters for this cute “Boo!” sign. Just make sure the bottom’s completely flat so they don’t tip over when you try to put them together.

9. Halloween Countdown Sign

Create a fun way to count the days to trick-or-treat day with this cool Halloween countdown sign. The numbers are made on wooden cubes so your kids can change them daily as they countdown for Halloween.

Watch as your kids change the numbers and see the delight on their faces as the day approaches.

Spook up your home once the night falls with any of these Halloween wood crafts ideas. Trick or Treat!

How do you plan on decorating for Halloween this year? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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