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16 Favorite DIY Christmas Cookies | Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Feature | Favorite DIY Christmas Cookies | Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Share the holiday cheer with these Christmas cookie recipes, and whatever cookie recipe you fancy, I’m sure there’s something here that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

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16 Favorite DIY Christmas Cookies | Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Start the Christmas Cookie Tradition

The holidays are just around the corner, so why don’t you start treating yourself to some easy Christmas cookie recipes? You have many options: from sprinkle-coated sugary sweets and candy cane cookies to mountain-high meringues and jam-covered treats.

These days, many scramble to get their decorations up and their shopping list ready to get the spirit going. These easy Christmas cookie recipes will give you the energy for the hectic days ahead.

They’re scrumptious and so cute; you won’t even want to share them. Just kidding!

I’ve rounded up 16 of my favorite DIY Christmas cookies guaranteed to satisfy everyone!

1. Snowflake Oreo Cookies

Here’s something that reminds me of everyone’s favorite animated movie Frozen. If your kids love Frozen (I’m sure they do), try serving this Christmas cookie while watching the movie with them.

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2. Melted Snowman Cookies

Awww, these super cute snowman Christmas cookies are sure show-stoppers! They kind of remind me of Olaf: “Some people are worth melting for.”

(Note: The Christmas cookie recipe is in Polish. Don’t forget to turn on Google Translate.)

3. Christmas Mice Cookies

These are too-cute sweets that taste like truffles perfect for your holiday cookie platter. I don’t think they’re the kind of mice who love cheese, though.

4. Candy Cane Kisses Chocolate Cookies

This is one of the Christmas cookie recipes to die for. Red-and-white striped Christmas cookies topped with a Hershey’s Candy Cane Kiss for the final festive touch will surely brighten everyone’s day!

5. Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

This is one of the awesome Christmas cookie recipes. They’re so light and sweet; I bet you can’t stop yourself from gobbling up these heavenly sugary treats.

Isn’t their shape perfect for the holidays too? They’re such cute little Christmas trees!

6. Sparkly Vanilla Bean Macaroons

I am loving these pinwheel macaroon dusted with white edible glitter. Don’t they look just gorgeous and fancy? Yum!

Make these red and white pinwheel cookies with this recipe. Don’t stop at red. Try some green too.

7. Christmas Sandies

Try some of the more colorful Christmas cookie recipes. These sandies can complement these Rice Krispies treats.

They’re delicious, quick to grab, and easy to make. This recipe needs only 7 ingredients.

8. Cran-Pistachio Cookies

The soft texture and the gorgeous pastel green color of these Christmas cookies look fab. Break and taste them, and you’ll know their delicious too!

Try one of the easy cookie recipes today.

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9. Linzer Christmas Cookies

I bet you think these oozing-with-goodness Christmas cookies are complicated to make, but they’re one of the simplest Christmas cookie recipes from scratch. Grab the Christmas cookie recipe here.

10. Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

How about more of the tender and yummy cookies for Christmas? You’ll learn how to make those perfect cut-outs with this recipe.

I can think of other shapes to create too.

11. Flour-less Chocolate Chip Cookies

This list will never be complete without one of the chewy and gooey easy chocolate cookie recipes. These will definitely be your Christmas platter winner!

The treats are flourless as well, so they’re healthier and faster to make.

12. Pink and Purple Sugar Cookies

Playful and whimsical, these cute purple and pink penguin cookies are such a darling! The penguin may look complicated, but it’s one of the easy cookie recipes for kids to try.

13. Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies

Bite-size sugar cookies look so fun, and they’re tasty too! One of the fun, easy Christmas cookie recipes, it lets you create handy treats you can give away to friends and family in a mason jar.

The smell will surely remind them of the holiday season.

14. Teddy Bear Cookies

Are you looking for unique Christmas cookies? These cute golden brown teddies won’t disappoint you.

Look, they’re also hugging the almonds as if they were their own teddies! Don’t they look so adorable?

I’m sure they’ll taste amazing too.

15. Chocolate-Pistachio Slice-and-Bake Cookies

The kiddie favorite gets an adult makeover! These chocolate-brown cookies with brilliant pops of vibrant green are treats for the eyes and the taste buds!

16. Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks

Fab and classy pirouettes are just perfect for plunking down into a big cup of Joe or hot chocolate! They look so good you may need to keep these cookie sticks out of kids’ reach. 


Do you need more Christmas cookie recipes? Turn Santa’s belly into delectable cookies with this video tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio:

Christmas cookie recipes are so much fun to make, and these easy Christmas cookies are so enjoyable to eat. Let’s not forget how easily they can put a smile on your family’s face.

Get out those baking pans and sheets and your ingredients and start baking now!

Which of the Christmas cookie recipes do you think will satisfy your sweet tooth? Let me know below in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on November 5, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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