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17 DIY Placemat Ideas To Make Your Thanksgiving Table Stand Out

These DIY placemat ideas really bring the table together and infuse each table setting with holiday cheer and thoughtful detail. Choose one of the simpler designs, and you can also include your adorable little helper in the holiday decorating fun!

Creative DIY Placemat Ideas | DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Fresh and new placemats can add a chic look to your Thanksgiving dinner table, whether you’re enjoying a simple meal at home or hosting a dinner party for all your friends. These simple, inexpensive, and elegant DIY placemat ideas are sure to be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table decor. So, if you are looking for affordable yet fabulous Thanksgiving home décor projects, then this post is for you!


1. Pottery Barn Inspired Round Jute Placemats

Looking to create an easy, inexpensive, but remarkable tablescape for your Thanksgiving dinner? Look no further! Made from supplies from the dollar store, these DIY placemats are natural, rugged, and it only cost just a couple bucks.


2. Felt Turkey And Napkin Placement Mat

Simple felt turkeys over fall-colored napkins will make your table pop! This easy felt turkey and napkin placemat is a must-make decor! Your little ones will definitely love this!


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Free Group T-Shirt

3. Free Printable Thanksgiving Placement Mats

These free printable Thanksgiving placement mats make DIY as easy as can be. Have everyone at the dinner table write down what they’re thankful for (on the printed out placemats) and go around the table sharing. It’s fun, interactive, and a great way to infuse Thanksgiving dinner with the true meaning of the holiday.


4. Reversible Holiday Placemats

Easy to sew — just pick a fabric with color and designs that match your Thanksgiving tablescape and go for it. Reversible placemats are one of the easiest projects to make!


5. Wood Slice Rustic Placemats

If you’re looking for an extraordinary way to replace plain fabric placemats, these wood slice rustic placemats will take your next Thanksgiving gathering to the next level! Round slabs of wood will give your party a cozy, and irreplaceable all natural beauty!


6. DIY Actual Fall Leaf Placemat

These DIY actual fall leaf placemats are made with real dried fall leaves! Perfect for weddings, Thanksgiving dinner, and other fall tablescapes.


7. No-Sew Thanksgiving Placemat

Super cute seasonal (and functional!) craft for you and the rugrats. Make your own and you will surely love the festive touch these no-sew Thanksgiving placemats add to your table setting.


8. DIY Burlap Placemats

Cute printed burlap placemats can be used with straw bows and other rustic touches to create a full-on, natural-looking Thanksgiving tablescape. They’re pretty easy to make! Take your burlap, measure out, and cut it into placemat sized pieces. Then sew around the edges of each placemat to prevent fraying. After sewing the seam, get your hands ready to paint each placemat with different words. After the paint dries, the placemats are ready to go!

9. Dip-Dyed Bamboo Placemats

Put these dip-dyed bamboo placemats on your Thanksgiving table and your guest will be asking you how much they cost you. I’m sure you’ll be proud to say you handcrafted them with few easy to find inexpensive supplies.


10. Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats

Just print and place on the table with some crayons. These coloring placemats are not just placemats, they’re handy to keep little ones sitting still.


11. No-Sew Felt DIY Thanksgiving Placemats

What a cute no-sew project. Get the kids in on the fun and start crafting! This no-sew felt DIY Thanksgiving placemats will give your home some warmth.


12. Pressed Leaf Thanksgiving Placemat

Gather the prettiest fall leaves you can find and press them between two sheets of wax paper with a hot iron. The result? A beautiful leaf Thanksgiving placemat and awesome kid’s craft.


13. Mickey And Friends Thanksgiving Placemat

Get the fun templates for this adorable kid-friendly activity here. What a brilliant idea to keep the kids busy until Thanksgiving dinner is served.


14. Thanksgiving Turkey Placemat Pattern

I love the silverware pockets! It’s ideal for the kids and fun for grown-ups, too! This turkey placemat pattern is sure to bring smiles to the Thanksgiving table.


15. DIY Chalkboard Placemat

Want to keep the kids occupied while you dine? Look no further than these chalkboard placemats. Simply cut cardboard into a mat-sized rectangle, then apply a few coats of chalkboard paint – voila! You have a chalkboard placemat with endless possibilities of jazzing it up or simply styling them down, fun and versatile for the young and old alike.


16. No-Sew Rustic Placemats

Liven up your table with rustic bold color placemats. These rustic placemats are made out of orange burlap and the fact that it’s no-sew is what we all love. Super easy to create and will only take 5 minutes to make, giving you more time to enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities.


17. Patchwork Placemat

For a delicate yet sweet quilted look, include a small fall color palette of fabric scraps in the same shade of hues. Keep the rest of the mat neutral to really allow the patterns and colors shine.


Want to see more amazing DIY placemat ideas? Watch this video from HGTV Handmade and learn how to make DIY fall leaf placemats:

There you have it, your choice of 17 creative DIY placemat ideas you can try to spruce up any holiday dinner! This list of Thanksgiving table decor ideas is sure to leave your home feeling cozy and welcoming. So, grab your craft tools and get started now. Enjoy!

Which one of these DIY placemat ideas will you make for your dinner table this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 

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