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Floral Pumpkin Vase | Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Oohh Thanksgiving – it’s all about what really matters: family, good friends, and delicious comfort food. We love the traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving: traditional colors, the traditional menu, beautiful flowers, and its rustic and warm setting. Adding a thanksgiving centerpiece on your  seasonal Thanksgiving table gives a touch of sophistication and class.

Impress your guests with your creativity and adorn your table with gorgeous flowers with this easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making a star of your Thanksgiving table stand out. Check out how to make a floral pumpkin vase in this article.

Thank you to Jenny Steffens for this beautiful tutorial. Check out more craft ideas from her here.


  • pumpkin
  • apricot roses with burnt orange
  • deep red mums
  • broom cob
  • glass vase
  • knife
  • ice cream scoop
  • oasis foam

Step 1

Check out Floral Pumpkin Vase | Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas at

Let’s start by choosing the colors and flowers for the “vase”. You have to know and get the feel for how these colors and flowers will look like on the Thanksgiving table and also in the room. We decided to go for these warm colors of Autumn – burnt light orange Apricot Roses and deep red Mums. To contrast and add something that drapes downward in the floral arrangement, we added the wheat-looking stems.

Step 2

To be sure that it would fit the opening, cut the top of the pumpkin with the bottom part of the glass vase – the one that we will set inside to make the floral arrangement later.

Step 3

Check out Floral Pumpkin Vase | Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas at

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Free Group T-Shirt

Then cut the opening. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out the pumpkin’s insides. Reminder: Be careful in doing this step.

Step 4

Place the square of oasis foam inside the glass vase filled with water then put it inside the pumpkin.

Step 5

Check out Floral Pumpkin Vase | Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas at

For the floral arrangement: Start with the best roses while trying to achieve the desired shape of your arrangement.

Step 6

Place two to three flowers next to each of them since flowers look great in groups of the same kind. You can also use different sizes of roses to spice it up a little and add interest. It also creates the natural-look.

Step 7

Then start adding groups of deep red Mums in the same fashion.

Hmmmm.. it seems a bit ‘tight’, huh? You can gently pull the bottom roses out by an inch so that it wouldn’t look like a ball of flowers on a pumpkin. 🙂

Step 8

Check out Floral Pumpkin Vase | Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas at

To add softness to our pretty pumpkin floral arrangement, add some broom cob around its corner. Look at how it gives the drape effect to the Floral Pumpkin Vase. This DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece is definitely eye-catching.


And we are done! This DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece looks more appealing than if it was homogeneously arranged. It would look polka-dotted!

Here’s a TIP!

To keep its freshness last, keep your Floral Pumpkin Vase in a refrigerator or anywhere cool.

Doesn’t this DIY centerpiece look beautiful on the table. It definitely added a Fall flavor to the Thanksgiving table in just a snap. It is easy to make and stylish, too. Everyone will surely enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner with this glamorous star of the table.

We hope this DIY project inspired you to have a memorable Thanksgiving celebration with your family and friends. You can ask your family member (maybe your mom, your sister or your kids) to help you out in making this Thanksgiving table decoration. It would make a great and fun bonding experience with them.

 Click here to check out more from the incredible Jenny Steffens at her blog Everyday Occasions! 


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This post has been adapted from Jenny Steffen’s DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece | Roses, Mums and Broom Cob in a Pumpkin “Vase”.

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