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27 DIY Superhero Costume Ideas: Become A Homemade Vigilante

superhero-shirt-tearing-superman-Superhero-Costume DIY Superhero Costume Ideas: Become A Homemade Vigilante | Featured

Looking for superhero Halloween costumes? Here come these DIY superhero costume ideas and tutorials to save the day!

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Superhero Costume Ideas You Can DIY On a Budget

1. No-Sew Superhero Costume

CVEWeDNsJP4 girl wearing wonder woman costume | superhero costume for kids

Want to turn your little girl into a big superhero, but don’t feel like breaking out your sewing machine? Create a no-sew Wonder Woman costume using a red top and a cute blue skirt. You can just add the star in the middle using a Cricut machine or stick on papers for the polka dot skirt.

2. DIY Superhero Capes

superheroes-kids-friends-playing-togetherness-fun | superhero costume for kids

Even crime-fighting follows fashion rules. Style tip #1: All superheroes need capes. Cut out a yard of cotton cloth to make a superhero cape for your little one and watch them fight crime while trick or treating.

3. DIY No-Sew Batman/Batgirl

qJDkJRTedNw boy wearing batman cape | superhero costumes designs

Need to up the d’awwww factor in your life? Turn your little boy into Batboy. Use a black fabric as his cape and don’t forget to cut out the edges of the cape to complete the Dark Knight’s look.

4. DIY Violet from the Incredibles

As long as you have a red overall, this project will take a few minutes, and you’ll end up looking like one of The Incredibles!

5. Homemade No Sew Superhero Costume

little-child-plays-superhero-kid-on | how to make a superhero costume for a girl

No-sew DIY superhero costume? I’m in! Grab some fabric and glue, and you’re good as done!

6. DIY Superhero Boots

So creative! I would wear these every day if I could. An old pair of shoes, some cardboard, and duct tape would do the trick.

7. DIY Superhero Mask

superhero-kids-friendship-smiling-happiness-playful | superhero costume design

Superheroes must keep their real identity hidden! That’s why you need this easy-to-make mask — a cutout from a carton mask. Since it’s so versatile, you can even decide if you want to be a hero or a villain.

8. DIY Superhero Disguise with Felt Paper

superheroes-kids-hand-stack-together-support | easiest superhero costume

Felt paper is easy to cut, glue, and craft with. You can make armbands, masks, and even capes with them. This is even something you can make at the last minute.

9. Effortless DIY Superhero Halloween Costumes

Don’t feel like laboring over an ornate costume? This is the costume for you. Be Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or even Catwoman in just a few easy steps. Who will you choose?

10. X-Men’s Rogue DIY Costume

For a last-minute adult costume. Dress like how Rogue was originally styled in the comics and TV series. Don’t forget the hair, though.

11.  DIY The Hulk Costume

office-worker-beard-opening-his-shirt | superhero costumes for adults

Going “green” never looked so good. You don’t have to go all out on this one, you can just paint your body green and make it seem that you’re about to turn to Hulk. Do try to find old clothes for this DIY costume. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin new ones.

12. X-Men Wolverine Claws DIY

wolverine-strong-standing-claws-studio-flexing | make your own superhero costume

Wolverine just isn’t Wolverine without those claws. You can now make some of your own by using carton boxes and cutting them to look like claws. Afterwhich, just paint them with silver paint to make it look like they’re made out of Vibranium and put them between your fingers. Just don’t tear up the furniture…

13. Homemade Superhero Outfits for Men

Superhero dress-up isn’t just for boys, they’re also for men. That’s why he’s called SuperMAN and not SuperBOY, right?

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14. DIY Marvel Avengers Halloween Costumes

Perfect for friends looking to coordinate costumes! Turn your favorite Avenger into a girl version with these costume ideas. I think I’ll be Ms. Thor.

15. DIY Green Lantern Costume

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just get everything on the list and you’re Green Lantern. One important thing that’s not listed though: the ring! Where will you get your powers without it?

16. Ultimate DIY Spiderman Costume

If you love getting all the costume details just right, this one’s for you. This may cost you a bit, but why dress up when you can’t nail it, right?

17. DIY Thor Costume for Adults

Put that long hair to use! And if you are blonde, that’s a plus! All you’ll need is this men’s Thor costume tutorial and you’re well on your way to saving the galaxy!

18. DIY Tissue Roll Superhero Cuffs

children-fun-superhero-costume-concept | last minute superhero costume diy

You’ll never look at tissue rolls the same ever again. Remember the felt paper used as cuffs we tackled in number 8? Well, you can substitute that with tissue rolls.

All you have to do is paint them cut in the middle and it can now be worn. You can also add designs like lightning bolts or stars to for a Wonder Woman costume.

19. Super Skirt

people-kid-child-ice-cream-costume | female superhero costume ideas

A cute blue tutu as a Wonder Woman skirt can complete this superhero costume. Just pair it with a cute red top and a cute crown or headband.

20. Easy DIY Family Superhero Costume

mother-father-their-daughters-playing-outdoors | Halloween Costume

Superfamily to the rescue! Simple and fun to make as a family. Leave no family member behind with this Superhero costume tutorial.

Create a patch for each family member, place it in the chest area, then everyone wears a cape and a mask and now you have yourself a superfamily.

21. Effortless Catwoman Costume

fashion-girl-model-portrait | create your own superhero from scratch

Be like Catwoman in just a few easy steps. With the use of black face paint, draw a cat nose, some freckles, and whiskers, and you’re ready to go.

22. Easy Joker Costume

man-wearing-the-joker-makeup | superhero costumes for adults near me

Joaquin Phoenix’s rendition of Joker may look hard because of all the clothes the clown prince of crime wears. But you just need white face paint, red lipstick, and some blue paint. You can use a white shirt under a blazer and you’ll still get the look.

Tip: This easy Halloween costume will best fit people with long hair.

23. Wonder Boy and Wonder Dog Costume

little-hero-dog | Superhero Costume

A last-minute idea for those who are in it for the fun of creating a costume for the ‘gram. Heck, trick or treating may become a hazard this year because of the virus.

So instead of going all out create capes and eye patches for your kids and your pooch and make them a Wonder Boy and Wonder Dog costume. Make them jump and pose for a picture.

24. Superhero Doctor

doctor-wearing-facemask-superhero-cape-during | Costume

The superheroes for 2020 have really been the doctors and all the people on the frontlines of the pandemic happening. Give these modern-day superheroes a nod by wearing a doctor’s uniform with a cape. They say “not all heroes wear capes” but this one does.

25. Rocket Girl

funny-little-child-girl-poses-powerful | Halloween

This can be a great DIY activity with your kids. Cut out carton boxes and make airplane wings with some jet engines your daughter can wear on almost any outfit. Now, she’ll be ready to fly.

26. Clark Kent Costume

8eCKyqvW25Q Man posing as clark kent superman | authentic superhero costumes

A Superman shirt inside your casual wear, a pair of nerdy glasses, and the signature hair curl are all you need. Anybody can be the man of steel and it’s an easy costume as well.

27. Jean Grey Costume

beautiful-woman-green-superhero-costume-posing | halloween costumes

Perfect for girls with red hair looking to coordinate costumes! Turn yourself to your favorite X-Men by wearing a nice and fitted blue-green dress. Add in a yellow belt with some DIY belt buckle and a yellow gloves to complete the Jean Grey look.

In case you didn’t know, there have been a couple of controversial superhero costumes throughout the years. See what they are here from Screen Rant:

Make your own superhero costumes and become your favorite superhero in a flash! Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to put on your crafting hat and make an awesome DIY superhero costume for you. Or you can create your own superhero team with your super family!

So, which one’s your favorite superhero? Let me know below in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 17, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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