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10 Best Do It Yourself Apps Every DIYer Should Know

carpenter-making-project-calculation-using-smartphone | 10 Best Do It Yourself Apps Every DIYer Should Know | Featured

Do it yourself apps are as vital as your toolbox and can help you save money and time in getting that job done. Download and use these do it yourself apps to turn your plan into a huge success.

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Must-Have Do It Yourself Apps to Start Your Next DIY Project

1. YouTube

mokup-smartphone-technology-phone | best diy apps

You can find hours of useful DIY videos about anything under the sun on this famous app. YouTube is filled with clips about various step-by-step processes, ideas, and inspirations made by both amateurs and professionals. This do it yourself app, which is available for both iOS and Android, can serve as your guide for your next DIY project.

Aside from watching similar footage, you might also want to try watching clips that show common mistakes so you can avoid them while doing your DIY project.

2. WikiHow

wikiHow how to do Anything dev application on Smartphone screen | diy

This app covers all how-to instructions, complete with illustrations, that every DIYer needs. WikiHow is like the website Wikipedia but for do it yourself topics. These can range from tech hacks, car repairs, easy recipes, gardening projects, make up tutorials, pet care, and arts and crafts among others.

Through WikiHow, you can search categories and bookmark specific articles so you can read the instructions even when you go offline. You can download this do it yourself app on both Android and iOS, and start learning about how to do almost anything.

3. iFixIt

Illustrative Editorial of IFIXIT website homepage | diy ideas

If you need to repair your smartphones, tablets, and appliances, iFixIt is here to the rescue. This do it yourself app will guide you throughout the process of fixing your devices – from identifying the problem to repairing or replacing the parts.

iFixIt also has its own online store in case you don’t have the materials or parts you need. Download this app on your Android device and start the repairs you can effortlessly do yourself.

4. Pinterest

red-and-white-google-logo | best diy craft apps

This app is filled with inspiring images that cover various interests ranging from interior decoration to meal preparation to health and wellness among other things. These photos come with links to informative articles and tutorial guides to help you in creating your own masterpiece.

Pinterest has boards where users save and collect pins they find interesting. These pins are usually images that you can use as your reference. You can have multiple boards for all the DIY projects you have in mind, and design each board for a specific purpose or theme.

5. Houzz

Mobile phone with Houzz Home Design icon on screen | apps for home improvement

Turning your dream home into reality has never been this easy with Houzz. With millions of high-resolution photographs on this do it yourself app, you’ll definitely get inspired in designing every corner of your room. Houzz will help you picture how your design and renovation would eventually look.

Get your creative ideas flowing and start your DIY makeover with Houzz, which works for both iOS and Android.

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6. Paint Tester

paint tester app in play store | handyman diy app

You don’t want to paint your room with the wrong colors. Avoid the chore of repainting your walls with the help of Paint Tester. With this app, you can take a picture of your room and it will show you different colors to help you select the perfect shade for your walls.

You can also apply more than one color if you want to put accents on your walls. See how your room would look like through this do it yourself app which is available for both iOS and Android.

7. iScape

iScape app | diy ideas

Remove the guesswork in designing your garden with the iScape app. Just upload a picture of your yard and you can check how your overall design would come out. You can also search for different kinds of plants based on their name, color, and height, including their exposure to sunlight and their season for blooming.

8. The Home Depot

smartphone-showing-home-depot-application-logo | home improvement apps

Now you don’t have to personally go to the hardware and home improvement stores. Save time and buy what you need by browsing through the products on The Home Depot and have these items delivered right to your doorstep.

However, if you want to make a trip to your local store, The Home Depot can still make your shopping easier and more efficient. Download this app on iOS or Android, and you can search for the exact aisle where the items are located so you’ll know where to find them once you get there.

9. TapMeasure

tapmeasure app | do it yourself app

Is your DIY project too large that you’re struggling to measure it using a tape measure? Eliminate this stress and do the measurement using your smartphone. You don’t have to bring the physical instrument itself anymore. Download this do it yourself app on iOS and start measuring your space using TapMeasure.

Aside from this feature, TapMeasure can also help ensure that the artworks and photos hanging on your wall are perfectly level.

10. DIY On A Budget

diy on a budget app | diy apps

On this do it yourself app for Android users, you can meet and connect with other DIYers. You can look through different works of other users, interact and share ideas with each other, and learn tips and hacks from them.

DIY On A Budget also works like Facebook wherein you can hit like and post comments on other posts. Download this app now and complete your DIY project with the help of other DIYers.

Aside from using do it yourself apps, you also need tools to finish your DIY project easily. Watch this video from HouseImprovements to learn about the essential tools you need to own as a DIYer:

Now you don’t have to worry about looking for guides, measuring the distance, and matching different colors. Add these 10 do it yourself apps to your toolkit and use them for your next DIY project.

What other do it yourself apps are you using? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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