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A DIY Enthusiast’s 4 Easy Guide To Car AC Repair And Diagnostics

Have you ever experienced being stuck in traffic on a hot day then suddenly your car AC broke down? Well, I had an experience like that and it was never pretty. Sweltering heat inside your car in the middle of traffic can make a man’s temper rise. But there’s nothing you can do but to accept it. In this article, you’ll learn the 4 easy steps in car AC repair. So read on and find out how to fix your car’s AC.

A DIY Enthusiast’s 4 Easy Guide To Car AC Repair And Diagnostics

Automotive air conditioning is absolutely needed especially when the weather is hot. You don’t want to travel under the brimming heat of the sun sweating profusely because there’s no air conditioning. When I was a young, my dad thought me a thing or two about basic car troubleshooting and car AC repair is one of them. Remember there are car issues that need to be taken care of by professionals and there are those minor problems that you can fix on your own. Below are four simple steps for basic AC repair. Check them out and have a cool road trip!

1. Know first the components of an air conditioning system

First and foremost, you need to know the major components of a car air conditioning system. It’s the compressor, the refrigerant, the condenser, the expansion valve and the dryer. Basic knowledge about these parts is advantageous and it can help you identify the cause of the problem easily.

2. Use fluorescent dye to check the refrigerant

Check if the refrigerant is leaking. Use a fluorescent dye to find out. You can purchase this dye in a local auto parts shop. Some people uses UV dye to check for leaks.

3. Add the dye through the low-pressure AC recharge port

Follow the directions of the fluorescent dye that you bought. Normally, you have to add the dye through the low-pressure AC recharge port that can be found on the car’s AC canister. If there is no leak then you can proceed in recharging your car’s AC. Instructions on how to recharge AC are included in the can of refrigerant.

4. Check other sources of problems

If your car’s AC is still not functioning well, check for other sources of problems such as bad switches, bad fuses, broken wires, broken fan belt or seal failure inside the compressor. For these kinds of issues, you can consult it with a professional auto mechanic. But if you operating on a tight budget or simply want to do-it-yourself, there’s a lot of info you can get online.


Check out this video from AutomotixDIY for more info on car AC repair :  

Car air conditioning is designed to make you comfortable while you travel especially when it’s scorching hot. Proper and regular car maintenance are certainly required particularly to those people who use their car most of the time. This is also applicable to those who travel long distances. Cool air conditioning on a hot afternoon drive is a must. Tell us what you think about these simple car AC repair tips through the comments below.

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