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9 Fun Fall Wreath Ideas | How To Make Front Door Wreaths

Find out how to make front door wreaths 9 ways! Best of all, it’s just the thing you need this fall. From fabrics, to twigs to even popcorns, there’s a great assortment of wreath ideas in this list. Get your craft on and let’s start DIYing!

9 Fun Fall Wreath Ideas | How To Make Front Door Wreaths

With fall right around the corner, a neat way to add a pinch of the Fall season to your home is with a Fall wreath! Making a Fall wreath is one of those decorating projects that you can practice. And a wreath is something that even the most novice DYIer could do rather easily. We gathered for you some fresh and sassy wreaths to inspire you to create your own. Trust me, your front door would look much better with a fall wreath on it.

9 Fun Fall Wreath


1. Candy Crush Wreath

A simple and stunning wreath that all of your friends are going to love. This eye candy is a simple and easy wreath that will just take you a couple of hours to finish.  If you want to give this DIY a try, you can find the tutorial here.

2. Felt Rosettes Fall Wreath

This fall wreath is very easy and inexpensive to make. This will definitely draw people to your door steps this fall. So, set out into the spirit of fall with this uniquely handcrafted wreath. You can follow the step-by-step instructions for this DIY wreath here.

3. Sunshine Wreath

Bring the ray of light of the sun into your doorsteps this fall with this wreath – made from twigs and other recycled materials! Let your sun shine into your neighborhood! If you want to give it a try, the tutorial can be found here.

Free Group T-Shirt
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4. Golden Touch Pine Cone Wreath

Looking for a great yet inexpensive holiday project, a handcrafted gift for family or friends or just a way to earn extra money? This wreath would be the perfect pick! You can view the complete tutorial on this post.

5. Bright Yellow Wreath

Every one will definitely notice this fall wreath with its brilliant and lively color. Your family and friends will certainly love this fall wreath. To get started, click here for the tutorial.


6. All Glittery Wreath

Make your fall shining and shimmering with this glittery fall wreath. This is not only perfect for fall, you can also customize this wreath for any other seasons and holiday colors. You can get the step-by-step tutorial here.

7. Pom Pom Wreath

A striking wreath that will draw guests to your door way. Using an incredibly fabulous pom pom loom, create a festive and fun pom yarn wreath this Fall. Just grab your round frame, some yarn and you’re almost good as done!

8. Fall Popcorn Wreath

A wreath can come in all sizes and colors but have you seen anything with this kind of twist? This DIY popcorn wreath idea is simple and and classic.  For the detailed tutorial, click here.

9. Fabric Wreath

Wreaths create a warm welcome for any holiday or season. Transform your fabric scraps into an elegant wreath. To recreate this eco-friendly fabric wreath click here.


So, there you go folks! Ring in the fall with these top-of-the-line dainty and crafty Fall wreath. Nothing says homey and inviting like some front door decor. Your neighbors will peak and you’ll be Fall appropriate and fell festive in no time!



Got one more tutorial on how to make front door wreaths for fall? Then check out this video tutorial from Maymay Made It Crafts:


Which fun fall wreath are you going to make today? Let us know below in the comments!

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