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10 DIY Halloween Decorations | Cute & Creepy Decor

These DIY projects are going to scare away any procrastination you may have when it comes to Halloween fun! Check out these eerie projects below.


1. Easy & Fun Halloween Craft Projects

Check out these ideas and projects to make your Halloween extra spooktacular!

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2. Halloween Projects for the Kids: Dry Ice Tricks

Your kids will surely love these cool dry ice tricks. Try it out!

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3. DIY Halloween Decorations For Kids

These decorations are so easy. The kids will enjoy making not just one but all of these!

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4. DIY Easy Halloween Pumpkin Projects Crafts

Pumpkins can be so much more than a jack-o-lantern… Decorate them!

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5. Easy DIY Halloween Scrap Booking Projects Ideas

Scrapbook your Halloween before we dive into Thanksgiving and Christmas! Check out these project ideas…

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6. Cool and Creepy Halloween Projects!

These creepy Halloween projects are really cool! They will scare the hell out of you!

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7. DIY Halloween Crafts Projects Ideas

You can get several ideas for your craft projects from this video this coming Halloween.

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8. Creepy & Creative DIY Halloween Crafts!

Try these creepy and creative crafts that you and your kids can make at home.

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9. Halloween Crafts: DIY Flower Pot Ghosts

Who says Halloween is all about being scary? Here is a super cute project for you and your kids…

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10. DIY Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Simple and easy to make Mason Jar Lanterns that you can use for Trick or Treat…

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  1. Avatar says

    September 6, 2014 at 7:30 am

    I wish in addition to the videos, you would give written directions so we could print them. Can’t take my desktop computer to the room where crafting is done and gets tiresome running back and forth. Would be so nice if I could print out the directions and take them with me, no more running back and forth, pausing and restarting, etc.


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