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9 Easy Beginner Sewing Patterns You Can Do This Winter

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Looking for easy beginner winter sewing pattern ideas? Keep scrolling to see an awesome list of sewing projects you can start with!

Easy Beginner Sewing Patterns for Sewing Novices

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If you’re looking for sewing projects but don’t know how to start, take a look at these beginner sewing patterns you can make this winter. Winter beginner sewing patterns can be overwhelming, but when you get to study the pattern and read the tutorial, you’ll realize they're quite doable if it's your first ever sewing project. These beginner sewing patterns I am sharing with you may look intimidating, but they’re absolutely easy! Read on and check out these patterns that are too pretty not to make!

When I started learning how to sew, I was really scared to try winter sewing projects. The patterns I saw online seemed very intimidating. I thought only a trained seamstress could do it. Then I realized, how will I learn if I won't try? So I decided to study the patterns and tutorials. I was so delighted at how easy they turned out to be. If you’re a beginner, check out the list below and don’t be scared to try something new.


1. Nuna Hood Scarf

Infinity Scarf | DIY Clothes Accessories for Women

A hoodie scarf is one of the most useful accessories you can use all winter long. Going out for a walk wearing this Nuna hood scarf will definitely keep you warm. I adore collecting different scarves in different fabrics, so I’m making one of these for myself using a boucle fabric. You can also use wool or jersey fabric.


2. 10-minute Simple Baby Receiving Blanket Pattern

I love sewing for my kids, especially something they can use for winter. This 10-minute simple baby receiving blanket pattern is just one of the sewing projects I will make for them this winter. It’s so easy, I only added several inches to adjust to my kid's size. It totally helps them keep warm and cozy during cold days.


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3. The Audrey Hepburn Cape

Treat your little princess to some glamor with this Audrey Hepburn cape. It’s one the most elegant and iconic capes of all time. I’m sure your daughter will feel like a celebrity in this cape! The tutorial is so quick and easy with the circle pattern. Your angels will surely look so adorable wearing this elegant DIY cape.


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There you go! Start sewing these projects now. They are all very doable! You will also improve those hidden sewing skills with these patterns.

Which sewing pattern from the list you think is the easiest to try first? Let me know by leaving your comment below! 

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