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10 DIY Back To School Supplies

Going back to school isn’t exactly on every kid’s favorite thing to do. But you can make going back to school a more enjoyable experience for your kid with these back to school DIY projects. Create unique school supplies that will put the cool back in going back to school.

10 DIY Back To School Supplies

My kids are always excited to go back to school. Not only are they excited to reconnect with their friends and classmates but they’re also excited to get new school supplies. But since I love to DIY almost everything, I encourage them to do the same with their back to school supplies. They did a couple and I’m sure you want to do the same too. So if you want to start the school year right, try making one or all of these DIY back to school supplies. Have fun!


Washi Tape Everything

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Using just a few rolls of washi tape with varying patterns, you can instantly make quick personalized back to school supplies. This tutorial shows you how to washi tape pencils, but you can washi tape pretty much all your school supplies – books, notebooks, laptops, mobile devices, etc. Best of all, this craft is so safe to do, you can let your toddler do it.

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Free Group T-Shirt

From Old Notebooks to Back to School Ready Notebooks

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This is the perfect back to school DIY if you have old, half used notebooks lying around from previous school years. You can give them an update with these simple yet chic notebook jackets. Personalize it by stamping the front cover, washi taping the edges, or embroidering your name on the back cover.


Bookplate Stickers

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Although mostly used in books, these free printable bookplate designs can also be used in other back to school supplies such as notebooks, laptops, and file organizers. Younger children can create their own unique designs using photos of their favorite characters.


Literally, A Notebook Bag

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The backpack may be the king of school bags, but this cute notebook tote bag is coming very close to taking that title. Using only a canvas tote bag, Sharpies, and embroidery thread, this back to school couldn’t be any simpler. You can also let your kids in on the fun by letting them doodle on their “notebook.”

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Milk Jug Lunch Box

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Packed lunch has never been this cute – and it’ll only cost you $1. Take any empty milk jug and follow the steps here to create your very own lunch box. Aside from a lunch box, you can also use it as containers for your school supplies to keep your desk organized.



Sweater Laptop Sleeve

Too many ugly sweaters taking up space in your closet? Re-purpose them into laptop or tablet sleeves for your back to school tech. Add sequins, buttons, ribbons, and other knick knacks to add your own flavor to your laptop sleeve.


Back to School Locker Accessories: Clothespin Magnets

Attach a small magnet on one of the flat surfaces of wooden clothespins for a new way to display photos and notes inside your locker. You can either use paint or Sharpies to personalize your clothespins magnets.

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Tank Top from an Old Shirt

Spruce up your back to school outfits with an easy DIY tank top. Take any of your old shirts and follow the steps here. You can add more embellishments if you like to create a unique tank top. This DIY is especially recommended for teens.


One of a kind Sneakers

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Complete your back to school outfits with this versatile and totally cute sneakers. If you’re transferring magazine images for the first time, make sure to read the directions carefully here. You can also use this technique on canvas tote bags and pouches.


Friendship Bracelets

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Back to school supplies won’t be complete without friendship bracelets to give to your BFF. 🙂


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Don’t forget to share your finished back to school DIY with us. We love learning about new projects! Write about it in the comments below!

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