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15 DIY Back To School Supplies

With school just around the corner, getting all the back to school supplies for my kids is a top priority. And if you know me, I don’t settle for anything store-bought. So this school year, I figured that making DIY school supplies is a great opportunity for me to have a few craft projects we can work on. If you also want some cool DIY back to school supplies list to get you or your child ready for school, check this out and get your creative juices flowing. Not only are they awesome crafts but they can also save you some money!

15 DIY Back To School Supplies For All Ages


But first, watch DIY Meg embellish a clipboard into something so much more beautiful!…

1. DIY Fruit Pencil Pouches

These DIY fruit pencil pouches are something hip and trendy to carry all your pens and pencils around in. Choose which fruit is your favorite and turn it into a pencil pouch — I’m sure just the sight of this will banish any back-to-school blues.


2. Back To School Striped Mason Jars

You can use these back to school striped mason jars to organize your school supplies or have it as a greeting gift for your teacher on the first day of school. Nothing beats a gift that is full of surprises — you can fill them with candy or useful things, like chalk.


3. No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

Staying organized is one of the keys to success, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. This no-sew pencil roll will keep your pens and pencils organized and is so easy to make!


4. DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Lovers of all things sparkly and beautiful vibrant colors will adore these DIY glittery graphic pencil cases. They’re the perfect way to get your tween excited for even the most boring assignments.


5. No-Sew DIY Lap Desks

It goes without saying that a laptop has now become a big part of being a student. From online research and late-night writing, your laptop is your best friend during the school year. Get comfy with it by creating this DIY lap desk – it’s no-sew, so it’s pretty easy to make.


6. DIY 10-Minute Notebook

If you’re a fan of the old-fashioned way of taking down notes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy whipping up this simple DIY 10-minute notebook. This sweet and easy project is best for utilizing random leaves of papers to make an easy-to-carry, lightweight pad of paper.


7. DIY Notebook Canvas Tote Bag

With just basic sewing skills, you can easily show everyone what a serious student is made of with this clever canvas tote bag. Carry all your school essentials in this cute and cool tote bag.


8. DIY Whiteboard Calendar

Keep yourself on schedule with this chic DIY whiteboard calendar. You can change the number to match the date of each month so you’ll save space, paper, and best of all, your sanity.


9. Fabric Photo Transfer Journals

If you want your journal to have a bit of an oomph, this fabric photo transfer journal is a must-try project for you. You’ll love to carry it around, showcasing your most-loved photos from your summer vacation.


10. Feather Pens

Say bye-bye to your plain and boring pens and say hello to these nifty feather pens. This super easy craft will make you the most unique note-taker in the entire room.


11. Embroidered Notebooks

Plain, cardboard notebooks don’t express your creative soul — jazz them up with some wonderful embroidery floss to make them more mesmerizing. These embroidered notebooks could become your school statement piece.


12. DIY Leather Notebook Cover

A classy, minimal leather cover is perfect for keeping your tablet or laptop, and books clean, while giving you a polished, studious look. Plus, the nice thing about this amazing DIY is, when the pages of the notebook are filled, it can be easily removed and transferred to a new notebook.


13. Chalkboard Notebook

Ever considered using chalkboard paint on your notebook? Well, it will be so much fun when you go back to school this year. If you want that try something original, that’s enough reason to do this chalkboard notebook.


14. DIY Gold Animal Book Ends

Round up those favorite books with a pair of eccentric metallic animal bookends. This DIY gold animal bookend is so simple even novice DIY-ers can easily do it. It doubles as fun decor for your room, too.


15. Easy Painted Canvas Lunch Sack

Ditch the boring brown paper bags and go for something definitely awesome. With this painted canvas lunch sack tutorial, you can learn how to customize a canvas lunch sack using acrylic paints. I’m loving the combination of contrasting patterns in this one.


Want more back to school supplies you can DIY? Get more here from LaurDIY:

Every new school year is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. So start it with this DIY back to school supplies and get creative in showcasing your studious side.

Which back to school supplies are you going to DIY this school year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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