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15 DIY Teacher Gifts To Ring In The New School Year

These astonishing teacher gifts are simple, fun, and easy to make! Show some love and appreciation for your kids' teacher with these wonderful DIY projects!

Teacher Gifts | An Amazing Back To School Gesture

Teachers work very hard, often well past school hours. They take courses and learn new materials to teach their students, grade papers, and make lesson plans. So it is just right to say “Thank You” and give them something to show how grateful we are. If you are having a hard time choosing the perfect gift, check out this list of 15 DIY teacher gifts ideas – maybe it can help you make the choice a little easier.


1. Play Dough

If you have a preschooler, consider giving his/her teacher something useful in the classroom, like this homemade play dough. This is an adorable and fun gift that will provide tons of afternoon entertainment for everyone in the classroom. Find a neat container for the play dough, decorate it, and add a homemade card.


2. Candles

A clever and cute pun in a useful gift – just like this “scentsational” idea from Family Fun Journal. Learn how to make your own candles or grab a few at your local dollar store.


3. Tote Bags

Create something unique for a teacher who often needs extra storage for her stuff. We often see teachers laden with heavy books and art materials, and one of these tote bags can prove to be very useful!


4. DIY Pencil Vase

Give your kids' teacher a wonderful surprise that shows how much you appreciate her. This adorable DIY pencil vase is full of teacher's charm and appreciation. Make sure to fill it with flowers!


5. Ruler Crate

Help your child's teacher get a bit more organized with this handy ruler crate. Made out yardsticks, so it's definitely frugal. It is not only a cool gift but a functional one, too!


6. Crayon Monogram

Make your child's teacher a crayon monogrammed letter to hang on the door of their classroom. I'm sure this gift will earn lots of praises and any teacher would love to have your child the next year. It's bold, bright, and eye-catching!



7. Sugar Hand Scrub

Let your child's teacher know how much you care with this easy-to-make sugar hand scrub. It's a perfect gift to the hands that have a great contribution in shaping your child's world.


8. Bright Succulent Pots

Your teacher's desk will have a breath of fresh air with these mini bright succulent pots. Succulents are the perfect plants for busy teachers because they're very easy to care for. Personalize with a bit of paint, then add a cute flag for a clever tagline.


9. DIY Glittery Scissors

For the glamorous teacher, create these wonderful DIY glittery scissors and attach a cool pun to make them giggle. Scissors are a very useful tool for any teacher, so he/she will definitely love a pair that stands out from the rest.


10. Magnetic Clothespins

Clothespins can be very functional for teachers. To hang papers and garlands, on whiteboards and chalkboard – they have unlimited possibilities. To make them even more special, hand-paint them, then add magnets, and use them to spoil your favorite teacher.


11. Chill Pills

Grab a mason jar and fill it in with pickles, chocolate, or any other candy you think your teacher will love to have. Then add a cool pun: “chill pills” to make him/her LOL. A very thoughtful gift, any teacher would love to reach for after a long, tiring day.


12. Chalkboard Mason Jar

I'm in love with the very simple idea of this chalkboard mason jar. Chances are you've got mason jars laying around, waiting for a new lease on life. Now is the time to grab them and dip them into some chalkboard paint, embellish them with some ribbons, and fill them with colorful school supplies. They'll not fail to give the classroom some charm and style.


13. Personalized Calculator

Any math teacher will be ecstatic to receive a standout personalized calculator. A very creative gift and sure to make a teacher smile.


14. Pom Pom Pens

Teachers do tons of writing each year and would definitely go through lots writing tools, but these pom pom pens will keep your teacher on track for the whole year. Show your appreciation by dressing up his/her pens.


15. DIY Monogram Chalk Slate

Chalkboard paint's versatility is unparalleled! Here's another chalkboard paint project to make your teacher feel special. Teachers will adore having this DIY monogram chalk slate decorating their classroom. They can design it for different events and have the kids help them.


Want more DIY teacher gift ideas? Check out this video from The Weiss Life:

There you have it, crafters, your choice of thoughtfully creative teacher gifts. Can you now picture the look on teacher's face once they receive their personalized gifts? They'll surely realize how much you appreciate their work and will be inspired to teach your children.

Which one caught your fancy? We'd love to know which of these DIY teacher gift ideas you'll be making. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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