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Back to School Organization Tips and DIY Tutorial on How to Organize Your Locker

School is finally back! And to welcome the back to school season, we got you a handful of back-to-school organization tips! But not just that, let your girls welcome middle school with some DIY decoration ideas for their lockers!

I've always loved decorating just about anything I could find worth prettifying. Back in my middle school days, I was always about making and creating artsy stuff. My locker was always filled with cute organizational items that I've personalized myself. Today, let me also share with you some back-to-school organization tips and some dainty DIY decorations you and your girls would love to make. Keep reading below to know more!

Back to School Organization Tips and DIY Tutorial on How to Organize Your Locker

It can be quite hard for our children to adjust from all the summer fun they've just had to the busy and hectic pace of another school year. But with some of these fun back-to-school organization tips, your kids will be more excited than ever to head back to school! I personally loved everything I've written in this article. And now that I'm a mom, it makes me want to go back to high school! But no, not really, I just love sharing some beautiful ideas. Now, let's start organizing a locker!


Tip #1: Choose a color scheme.

When decorating your locker, you would first want to think about which 3 colors you would like to make your color palette. In this post, the suggestions are: Gray, gold, and pink. And then you can go and buy organizational items in those three colors.


Tip #2: Add washi tape on corners.

Add some washi tape on some corners inside your locker.


Tip #3: Stick some post-it notes.

Stick some post-it notes on the locker door. They're both functional and pretty.


Tip #4: Keep sweater & headphones

Keep your sweater and your headphones in a bin under your locker shelf to be more organized and tidy.


Tip #5: Add in books and notebooks.

Add in your books and notebooks.


Tip #6: Keep stationery & pens in a little magnetic bin.

Keep all your stationery and pens in a little magnetic bin to make them really easy to grab/find.


Tip #7: Store other pens in another little locker bin.

Store bigger pens and pencils in another little locker bin.


Tip #8: Top off locker with a whiteboard.

To top off an amazing locker, consider having a little whiteboard like this one!



DIY Bulletin Boards

For some decorations, Macerly showed us easy DIY bulletin boards for your locker! Here's what you need to do:

You'll need:


Step #1: Punch Out Cork Circles

This first thing you should do is punch out some cork circles.


Step #2: Paint The Circles

Get your paintbrush and paint and start painting the circles.


Step #3: Cut Out Small Pieces From A Magnet Sheet

Cut out small magnets out of a larger sheet, peel off the backing and stick it on the circles.


And then you're done!

You can now hang the bulletin boards up in your locker and you can pin cute items like photos of you and your friends!


Papier Mache Letter

Another great decoration idea is a sticking a papier mache letter on your locker! Macerly used her initial and added some adhesive studs to make it look more attractive.

Now for the third idea, we are going to make and decorate an emergency kit! Every girl needs an emergency kit in their lives, right?

You'll need:


Step #1: Add Washi Tape To The Sides

Add some washi tape to the sides of the container.


Step #2: Add Washi Tape To The Front

Also apply washi tape to the front of the container.


Step #3: Apply Some Studs

Lastly, put some studs on and write “Emergency Kit”. Start stacking in your essentials that you need everyday for school.


Watch the full video from Macerly below!

Now that was fun! Got any more back-to-school ideas you would want us to try? Tell it to us in the comments section down below! Don't forget to keep checking our website for more back-to-school organization tips.


More back-to-school ideas can be found in this link!

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