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15 DIY Sewing Room Organization Ideas From Sewing Mavens

Feature | Assorted color yarns | DIY Sewing Room Organization Ideas From Sewing Mavens

Take these sewing room organization ideas from sewing experts to create your dream sewing room!

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DIY Sewing Room Organization Ideas to Inspire Your Own

1. DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

Never have a pin out of place with this adorable and brilliant DIY pin holder. It’s practically as easy as a, b, c!

Now, you have a pin holder that will keep the pins in place and in the process, you also get sewing room organization decor.

2. Ribbon Scrap Organization

Love to use ribbons for your sewing room organization projects? Have your ribbon scraps organized and ready for your next DIY project with this organization idea.

It’s a pretty straightforward DIY sewing room organization hack using empty wooden spools, straight pins, and tape. Perhaps you now get the gist for this organization idea.

3. Fabric Box

If you need small sewing room organization ideas, this fabric box is perfect. What’s cool about this project is it’s made from fabrics, too.

What’s also amazing is even a DIY beginner can make this project with basic sewing skills. You can also easily fold it and tuck it away when not in use.

4. Folding Fabric to Size

In case you need some tips on folding your fabric like a pro, check this sewing room storage hack. You’ll be surprised this nifty organization trick is made possible by…drum roll please… a piece of cardboard!

Yes, all it takes is a piece of cardboard you cut according to the size of your cabinets. Fold the fabric with the help of the cardboard and you’ll get yourself organized sewing storage cabinets!

5. Rolled Needle Case

This is more for crochet needles than sewing needles. Since you’re organizing your sewing room, don’t forget your tools for crocheting too, right? This should be a great craft room ideas for small spaces.

6. Giant Peg Board

Borrow a page from the arts and crafts section of the department store’s organization book. Isn’t it a bummer to fumble for what you need in boxes and cabinets where they are all mixed up?

This giant pegboard will definitely let you breathe and work peacefully with your crafts.

7. How to Hang Ribbons

Save space and have an instant DIY wall art by simply hanging your ribbons with a rod and a string. Get your imagination going and do this easy organization hack.

8. Glass Canister Sewing Organizer

This glass canister sewing organizer is pretty much like how you would use mason jars to store supplies. For organizing thread spools, you will love this sewing room organization idea with a removable pincushion!

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9. Fun and Easy Button Organization

It’s never fun to sort out buttons while doing a DIY project but it sure is lovely to see them in a clear casing. In fact, I love collecting buttons and displaying them, so I definitely dig this button organization idea.

10. DIY Yard Storage

Don’t let your yarn get tangled up but don’t store them in a boring container either. Have them organized with style by clearing up a space or portion of your cabinet or bookcase and some corrugated plastic to make this DIY yarn storage hack.

11. DIY Yarn Swatch Book

Looking for sewing room ideas on a budget? If you have some yarn scraps, don’t throw them away. Make a swatch book out of it!

Working on your knit and crochet projects will be much easier with a yarn swatch book.

12. Magnetic Embellie Board

Store and organize your embellishments with style even plain buttons will look like decor. A metal board and tin containers will do the trick for this magnetic storage idea.

13. Mason Jar Storage Shelf

Never forget to include a mason jar craft for your organization needs. Every DIY and craft buff knows the wonderful things you can do with mason jars. This organization hack is just one, but it’s a good one.

14. DIY Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack

No, this is not wall art — this is how you use an embroidery hoop thread rack to organize. Using your craft and sewing room tools as the same tools to organize your materials is simply a splendid idea.

15. Sewing Room Organization Inspiration

Are you designing a sewing room and need a few more ideas? Then take this sewing room cabinet idea for your inspiration.

Now if you can get your sewing room to look like this, and keep it the same way, you’re on point!


Want a little inspiration? Check out this organized sewing space from Made by Marzipan:

Any DIYer and crafter knows this for a fact: an organized room helps save time and a lot of trouble. What is even more important is the safety a well-kept room entails as well.

Have everything in their place, from scissors down to your pins, and let your creativity soar through while getting organized. Take these DIY sewing room ideas and get yourself a sewing room you will want to live in, too!

Did you enjoy our list of DIY sewing room organization ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these sewing room organization hacks!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 0n August 15, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. I feel like I can’t be the only sewer that has an excessive amount of supplies. Most of these ideas are for folks with only a small amount of stash. What about those of us trying to run a sewing business? I have a room full of supplies.

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