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How To Make a Tutu Skirt | Easy No Sew Tutorial

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So you want to learn how to make a tutu? Well life just got a little easier for you, because we know a way to make your very own homemade DIY tutu in less than 30 minutes, with no sewing required! The finished piece will be light, fluffy, and everything you hoped for. This easy no sew tutu is great for ballet and dance, it also makes a fun costume for play and halloween. Make it for your little girl and watch her light up for the next special occasion. This tutu skirt is almost too easy to make, you’ll be able to dress up the whole ballet studio for very little time and cost!


How To Make A Tutu Skirt

How To Make a Tutu Skirt

Supplies You Need For A Tutu:  (Yields 1 Adult size Or  2 Child Size)

  • Tulle Fabric: 6 yards of a 54″ bolt
  • Satin Ribbon: 2 yards
  • Fabric Scissors
how-to-make-a-tutu-skirt, easy-sewing-patterns, easy-sewing-projects, no-sew-tutu
You will need these materials to make a tutu skirt: Tulle, Satin Ribbon, Fabric Scissors and a Tape Measure

Tutu Skirt Instructions | Tutorial

Step 1: Tie Bow

Tie the satin ribbon into a bow around your waist. That is, if this skirt is for you.

If the skirt is for someone else, get the measurements of their waist by tying the ribbon around their waist. From there you can either keep the ribbon around them, or mark the ribbon where the bow will be formed and then wear it on yourself as you continue to work.

DIY Tutu Tutorial
First, loosely tie a piece of ribbon around your waist.

Step 2: Cut Ribbon for Bow

Cut the ends to fall where you would like, I chose about 12″ down from the bow.

How To Make a Tutu Skirt No Sew
Cut off the ribbon where you would like it to fall, hold scissors at an angle for a pretty effect

Step 3: Cut Tulle for Tutu

You will eventually be cutting your tulle into strips. But first, you need to prepare your bolt of tulle fabric. Fold out about 36″ of fabric from your bolt and cut down the center fold, splitting the fabric in half.

Homemade Tutu
Unfold your tulle and cut down the fold, splitting the fabric in half.

Step 4: Cut Tulle Fabric for Tutu

Now cut this 36″ segment from the bolt of fabric, cutting in a straight line parallel to the bolt. We do this because working with smaller segments at a time is easier.

How To Make a Tutu Tulle
Cut out about 36″ of tulle.

Step 5: Gather Tulle for Tutu

Gather the top and bottom ends of the fabric and bring them together with your hands, this will make it easier to cut into pieces.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-14
Gather together the top and bottom ends of the fabric with your hands

Step 6: Cut Tulle for Tutu into Strips

Hold the fabric in your first, and cut out 6″ pieces. This is approximately the size of your fist with a little room on each edge. This method speeds up the process of cutting the length of your tulle. When you are finished you should have 6 6″ segments per every 36″ of fabric. You will be repeating these steps, but not quite yet.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-15
Cut a fistfull of tulle into 6″ segments

Step 7: Place Strip of Tulle for Tutu behind Ribbon

Take a strip of tulle and loop it in half.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial
Loop strip of tulle in half

Step 8: Form Loop with Tulle

Take the loop in one hand and tuck the ends of tulle between it with the other hand.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial
tuck ends of tulle through loop
How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-3
bring ends of tulle up through the loop

Step 9: Pull Tulle Tight

Pull the loop of tulle you just formed tight.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-4
pull the loop tight

Step 10: Slide Tulle to the Side

Tuck each tulle knot against the knot before it, slide each new knot as close to the next as possible.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-5
slide knot to the side, against the one before it

Step 11: Repeat Cutting and Tying Tulle for Tutu

Repeat Steps 4-10, cutting out the tulle and tying it around your waist, until the whole skirt is filled.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-13
Continue to cut more tulle until skirt is completely filled.

Step 12: Retie your Ribbon into a Bow

Once you have looped the strips o tulle all the way around the length of the skirt, you can retie the ribbon into a beautiful bow around your waist, or the waist of the person wearing the skirt.

How To Make a Tutu Tutorial-7
retie ribbon into bow

Step 13: Love your Homemade Tutu!

Dance around and enjoy your lovely new tutu!

How To Make a Tutu
End Result: DIY No Sew Tutu in under 30 minutes.

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  1. AvatarJen says

    Even easier is to buy tulle ribbon that is already 6″ so all you have to do is cut it to the length you want. You can order spools online for as low as $1.50 and walmart sells it for around $2.

  2. AvatarMary says

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I used it to make my first tutu today, and it turned out great. I appreciate it!


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