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Easy Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Try

Your car may be the pretty thing it is outside, but you also have to make sure it is also well maintained and is always working efficiently. You can always check a few and basic things in your car without having a trip to your trusted mechanic or shop. Below are tips you should not miss in maintaining your vehicle.

Easy Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Try

Take good care of your car by maintaining it. You can do this by making sure parts are cleaned, not damaged, or replaced when needed. Do not allow an issue get out of hand because it will surely lead to something bigger and more expensive. Keep these reminders in mind:

1. Check your batteries regularly.

Check the condition of your car battery physically. If you see leaks or other damage, consider getting it replaced as soon as possible. Also, make sure the battery terminals are tight and not corroded.

2. Check your tires for wear.

Check your tires regularly, like monitoring its pressure or evaluating its feature because you might need a tire change already without knowing it. If your tire is worn below its limit, it’s unsafe to drive.

3. Repair a problem as soon as possible.

Address a minor problem in your car as soon as possible because a minor problem when left unattended might be a big concern after some time, and would require a fortune to get fixed. It can even lead to accidents.

4. Make sure you have enough coolant.

Check your engine coolant level in the overflow tank. Your car manual should have instructions about this portion. Add coolant only when the engine is already cool. Check also if there are leaks that lead to lowering of coolant over a short period of time.

Precaution: When the engine is hot, do not open the radiator cap or the pressurized overflow tank cap. This is because the cooling system is under pressure at this time.

5. Maintain the air conditioner.

Maintain your air conditioner by checking it regularly. At least once a week, give the system a run. Check the refrigerant level and regas the system too.

6. Check the air filter.


Over time, the air filter gets dirty and this can hamper air flow. Make sure it is correctly installed, should you decide to replace it. Refer to your manual for instructions but this activity is fairly easy to do

7. Change your oil regularly.

The oil is basically the lifeblood of your car because it keeps the many components of the engine working efficiently. This is why you need to have them changed regularly.

Here is a video of How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System from Chris Fix

Keep these tips in mind because it will surely help you maintaining your car in good shape and efficient run. Do not allow your car not be its best version.

Click here for more DIY car care tips. 

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