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10 Uses for Used Teabags For Crafters Who Love Tea

Did you know there are numerous different uses for teabags? Read on and you'll be surprised by how many uses used teabags can have.

10 Uses for Used Teabags For Crafters Who Love Tea! See them all at DIY Projects

10 Uses for Used Teabags For Crafters Who Love Tea

You may not enjoy the idea of using the same bag to brew more than one cup of tea, but you need to reconsider before treating them like waste as there are still plenty of other uses for those damp tea leaves. Today in this post we’re sharing these 10 tips to get the most out of your morning tea.

1. Tea Sunburst

This idea is really cool, it's hard to believe those are just used bags of tea! Check it out here.

2. Little Book of Dried Teabags

Love the edges blowing in the breeze. See how here.

3. Stained Tea Bags as Canvas

The idea is so brilliantly creative! Check it out here.

Love tea? Do It Yourself!


4. Tea Bag Recycle Art

This is a creative way to reuse tea bags and create a beautiful artwork. Check it out here.


5. Teabag Papier Mache Bowls

Love the unique idea of this beautiful bowl. Check it out here.


6. Plant Enrichment

Tea bags make a great organic fertilizer for plants. Instructions here.


7. Freshen Small Spaces

Try not to purchase over valued sachets and fresheners, simply get a fragrant tea pack. It will absorb odors and leave you with a fresh scent. Check it out here.


8. Degrease Dirty Dishes

The tea will help break up grease and food stains. See how here.


9. Minimize Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Teabags help soothe the skin and lighten the area around the eyes. See how here.


10. DIY Hair Conditioner

Washing your hair in green tea can give it a greatly glossy shine. See how here.


Are you up for more interesting uses of used teabags? Check this video from The Savings Experiment and you’ll learn several ways to reuse tea bags around the house to save you money.


Did you enjoy our list of interesting uses of used teabags? Let us know below in the comments! 

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