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21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors

Furniture pieces are crucial to bringing more life into your room. If you’re bored with your common-shaped couches, chairs, and tables, why not do something cool–like investing in more geometric furniture? Geometric furniture ideas give you a chance to venture for the unconventional and the unique. Check out some cool geometric furniture ideas here with us.

Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors

Geometric furniture ideas are nothing short of amazing. Either with the design or the shape of the furniture itself, a geometric piece often leaves an impression that’s functional and unconventional at the same time. If you want this kind of look in your home, then this article is for you. We have lined up all these amazing geometric furniture ideas to spice up any room in any part of your house.

We have lined up all these amazing geometric furniture ideas to spice up any room in any part of your house. Read on!

1. Geometric Coffee Table Top

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

If you don’t want to gamble in an avante garde geometric furniture, you can always start with geometric design first. With just paint and your desired pattern, this can be possible. Check out this awesome DIY project here.

2. Geometric Side Table

This side table is a statement on its own–and a 2 – in – 1 item for your home. I’d love to have this in my home too. Get more details here.

3. DIY Side Table With Himmeli Base of Copper Pipe

A himmeli base is a great way to start involving geometry into your furniture. The copper detail is an interesting material to use in projects like this too. Get the project tutorial here.

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4. Wooden Wall Sconces

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

Your wall is a promising area for design and utility. You can nail both with these geometric wall pieces you can recreate for your interiors. Get more details here.

5. Dining Table with Geometric Legs

Geometric legs are stylish and sturdy in nature, so it’s definitely good for any furniture. A little bit of color and innovation with the design and you’ll have something sturdier than Home Depot tables. Get the inspiration here.

6. Structured Console

This minimalistic piece screams art and function, all rolled into one. This project is a superb way to infuse geometry in daily living as the use of the angles create symmetry and point of interest in the room. Get the inspiration here.

7. Stylish Dog Crate

Who said your pets can’t get involved in geometric pieces? Here, a crate is cleverly made by using a hollow pentagon shape that can house a medium-sized dog. We hope your pet likes it in here as much as you do with geometric design. More details here.

8. DIY Geometric Wall Shelves

Don’t limit your shelving ideas to the common horizontal types. Honeycomb shelves give you the same purpose, but they also add a playful impression your space. Click here to know more on this project.

9. DIY Metallic Gold Geometric Cake Stand

Your pastries will never look the same again with this kind of holder. Not only will it drive guests to look at your desserts, but they’ll also get the conversation going right there at the table. Click here for more information on this item.

10. Modular Display Boxes

Amp up your displays with this piece! This one uses different pieces of boxes of different sizes and shapes to make up a clean and minimalist geometric piece. Place your favorite succulents or some important documents here and there, there’s just too many options! Details here.

11. Graphic Nightstand

Infuse some color and design in your nightstand, just like this project. This one’s got cool hues in it placed geometrically. If you want to work with more hexagonal styles, it’s your call. Get details of the tutorial here.

12. DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

If you can have more than two hexagonal shelves, you are in for a treat. Honeycomb shelves are going to be one of your house’s strongest display item without compromising function, just like what you see in this image. Click here for the project tutorial.

13. Boxed Pastel Shelves

Boxed pastel shelves are perhaps the easiest way incorporate both color and geometry in your space. Play with your sizes and shapes, and get a cool vibe for your structure. Click here for more details.

14. Geometric Wall Pieces

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

If you can’t lay your hands on any geometric table or shelves yet, you can start with decorative wall pieces that also give a good geometric impression. More details are found here.

15. Mountain Wall Statement Piece

This piece may be simple, but it is very efficient and playful in shape. It would be great to have one for your home. Click here to know more.

16. Pyramid Shelves

Geometric furniture doesn’t need to look complicated. While geometric design may look playful in nature, they are also very functional. That is exactly what this pyramid shelf is about. More information here.

17. DIY Himmeli Geometric Gem Decor

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

Add personality to your table decor with this himmeli gem. Easy to recreate and quick to draw attention, this decor will easily blend with earthen colors inside your house. Know more about this project here.

18. Unstained Geometric Shelf

Check out 21 Geometric Furniture Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interiors at

I can’t blame you if you want something simple yet stunning in your home, just like this piece. It’s just like what needs to be on your wall too. Details here.

19. Unconventional Shelf

Unconventional can also be synonymous to functional, especially in this kind of shelving. Your home will never look the same again with this type of shelf that can be placed in your room, living room or even kitchen. Get some inspiration here.

20. West Elm Faceted Mirror Side Table

A work of art in itself, this side table should well be a centerpiece in its own unique right. Made of mirrors in a geometrical shape, the design is hypnotic but it doesn’t hinder with the table’s full functionality.  Know more about this masterpiece right here.

21. DIY Geometric Brass Pendant Light

Ever designed around your lights? Well you could by adding more element to it, just like this brass pendant light you can easily make. Get the tutorial here.


Can’t get enough of cool geometric items? Here’s a video tutorial on how to make a DIY Geometric Terrarium from Katherine Elizabeth: 

There are  just so many geometric furniture ideas you can choose from in order to start infusing this style to your home. You can start small or you can go big right away. What matters is not compromising comfort and utility over style, and in knowing you can have the best of both utility and aesthetic with geometric pieces.

What do you think of these geometric furniture ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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