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Fall Fashion Trends You Can DIY On The Cheap

Fashionable woman In fashion clothing | Fall Fashion Trends You Can DIY On The Cheap | Featured

Looking to recreate the latest fall fashion trend? Take your DIY fall fashion outfits inspiration from these fabulous ideas and creations!

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In this article:

  1. DIY Fall Cape
  2. DIY Distressed Fall Fashion Jeans
  3. Hem Chiffon Fall Fashion
  4. Make An Upcycled Shirt Dress
  5. DIY Peter Pan Collar
  6. DIY Tassel Necklace
  7. Fall Fashion Draped Skirt
  8. Fall Fashion Faux Fur Vest
  9. Make a Blanket Coat
  10. Add Sequin Patches to Your Sweater’s Elbows!
  11. Fall Fashion DIY Fringe Booties
  12. DIY Kimono
  13. Crochet a Chunky Scarf

13 Fall Fashion Trends to Rock on a Budget

1. DIY Fall Cape

DIY-Wrap-Cape-In-Honor-of-Design | fashion trends for autumn 2020
Photo by In Honor of Design

Cape will always be in fashion during the cold seasons, so to add another piece to your collection. Make one you can wear from fall through to spring. You can, especially channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and rock this beautiful tweed cape this fall.

2. DIY Distressed Fall Fashion Jeans

 SugV2Aw0pEU woman in pink long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown | fall fashion colors 2020
Distress your denim at home to get the same designer denim look which is outrageously expensive. You might also want to raid your's or your mom's more relaxed jeans because they're in!

3. Hem Chiffon Fall Fashion

woman-pretty-ruffled-dress-holding-hem | fall outfits
Glam up with a ruffled hem by adding this fun extra border to your clothes to have you fall-ready!

4. Make An Upcycled Shirt Dress

stylish-young-woman-sunglasses-walking-city | fall dresses
Take your man’s unused dress shirts and turn them into this DIY chambray shirt dress you can wear to the office! It’s as simple as sewing up the sides by starting with a long shirt so it hits you at a good level.

5. DIY Peter Pan Collar

yellow-petite-vintage-floral-sundress-peter | fall fashion clothing
Dress pretty with a peter pan collar over any crew neck and enjoy a new and preppy look this fall. Or better yet, sew a great dress with this kind of collar.

6. DIY Tassel Necklace

threads-colored-beads-tassels-decoration-north | fall accessories

Make this DIY beaded tassel necklaces for you or a friend! They’re easy to make and look like the designer version.

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7. Fall Fashion Draped Skirt

red-and-blue-floral-skirt | fall 2020 women's fashion trends
Skirts will always be in fashion but for fall, a longer skirt is better. We have just the thing with this DIY draped front skirt tutorial.

8. Fall Fashion Faux Fur Vest

There are two fashion trends that are super in this fall and winter: furry coats and animal prints.

So, get in with the trend and make your own faux fur vest tutorial. This fall look is fun, fierce, and it'll keep you warm!

9. Make a Blanket Coat

wrap-up-style-diy-wool-blanket-coat | fall fashion articles
Photo by eHow

Blanket coats are a hot item this year! Make your own with this great tutorial for the best wool blanket wrap coat around.

10. Add Sequin Patches to Your Sweater's Elbows!

Can this look get any cuter? Add some fun flair to your cozy sweaters by cutting out some sequins, and sewing them on as elbow patches!

11. DIY Fringe Booties

elegant-outfit-closeup-stylish-black-suede | fall boots

Nothing says “I'm ready to romp through a patch of pumpkins” better than booties with fringes. Turn last year’s booties into this year’s hot items by adding a layer of fringe around the top.

12. DIY Kimono

Easy-DIY-T-Shirt-Refashion-Kimono-Done | fall fashion outfits
Kimono and capes are fall must-haves. Lucky for you it’s SUPER easy to make the former with this DIY sewing tutorial!

13. Crochet a Chunky Scarf

8sso-GVbt7E smiling woman wearing grey scarf | fall fashion trends 2020

Learn to crochet your own infinity scarf. Make them in a rainbow of colors, and always have a scarf to match your look.

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Take more fall fashion inspiration from the 2019-2020 top 10 fall trends in this video by Passion for Fashion:

Look hot and fabulous this cool fall and winter seasons without breaking the bank. Whether you like fabric works or simply mix and match your outfits, these trendy fall fashion ideas should inspire you.

Which ones from these DIY fall fashion trends are your favorite? Let us know below in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 16, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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