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How To Mount A TV To The Wall

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Do you want to mount your TV to the wall but you’re not sure where to start? Mounting your TV incorrectly can cause permanent damage to this appliance, and you don’t want that to happen. Here’s an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process on how to mount a TV to the wall.

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An Easy Installation Guide on How to Mount a TV to the Wall

What You’ll Need:

1. Put the Bracket on the Back of Your TV

saintpetersburg-russia-1030-tv-mounting-bracket | tv mounting

Take out all the parts from the packaging then assemble the parts and attach the bracket to your TV using the provided washers and screws. You’ll find four screw holes on the back of your television.

Carefully drill in each washer and screw, making sure not to overtighten and strip the screws.

2. Take the Measurement of the Mount and TV

man-fitting-bracket-flat-screen-tv | tv mount

The next step on how to mount a TV is to get the distance between the top of the bracket and the top of your TV. Measure the part of the bracket where it will sit on the mount.

3. Choose the Exact Location Where to Place Your TV

Once you’ve decided on the perfect spot, figure out where the top of the mount should be. Keep in mind the distance that you measured awhile ago which is the measurement between the top of your mount and the top of your TV. You can put a mark on the wall for your reference.

Note: To achieve the best viewing angle, carefully consider the spot where you’ll place your TV. You don’t want your TV to be positioned too high or too low.

4. Look for Wall Studs

digital-detector-man-hand-scanning-wall | tv wall mount

Use a stud finder and slowly slide it across your wall, specifically where you want the screw holes to be. Once the finder indicates the presence of a stud, mark the wall with a pencil so you would remember the exact location.

5. Align the Mount With the Studs

Now that you’ve put markings on the wall, align your mount with the studs. Your mount can either have two or several holes for the bolts or screws.

Tip: If you can’t properly align your bolts with the wall studs, you can use strong drywall anchors.

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6. Drill the Holes

technician-measure-water-level-tv-mounting | mounting a tv

Once the TV mount is aligned, drill holes on the wall where the mount would be. Position the screws on the holes after and use a level to make sure that the mount will still be straight.

Note: Select a drill bit with a size that is slightly smaller than the bolt that will be inserted into the wall.

7. Strengthen the Grip of the Bolts

man-hands-installing-mount-tv-on | wall mount tv

You don’t want your TV falling off the wall while you’re watching your favorite series on Netflix, right?

Avoid this by making sure that the mount is entirely secured to the wall. You can use either an impact drill or a socket wrench to tighten your bolts.

8. Place Your TV Onto the Mount

two-men-fitting-flat-screen-television | how to mount tv on wall

After completely securing the mount to the wall, it is now time to complete the job – to put your TV on the mount. Start by aligning the bracket on the back of your TV with the mount on the wall. Then, lock the bracket on the mount.

The process of locking can vary from one mount to another, so it is important that you still read the instructions included in the box. In most cases, you can use screws to lock the bracket to the mount.

It should look like this:

man-installing-mount-tv-on-wall | how to wall mount a tv

Don’t turn the whole process of mounting your TV into a complete disaster. Avoid the common mistakes when mounting a TV from this video by Jonah Matthes:

If building a TV stand is not an option, mounting a TV to the wall can be considered and can be done in a breeze. Follow these steps on how to mount a TV to the wall and achieve that sleek look for your room. Happy viewing, DIYers!

Do you have other ideas on how to mount a TV on the wall? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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