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25 DIY Photo Booth Ideas For Your Next Shindig

Feature | Rustic Theme Backdrop | DIY Photo Booth Ideas For Your Next Shindig

Put your own spin on these DIY photo booth ideas so you can make your next party way more fun!

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DIY Photo Booth Ideas to Give Oomph to Your Photos

1. Paper Chain Backdrop

I’m a sucker for how these paper chains pop with loads of vibrant colors, especially bold ones. Cutting all those strips is easier with a trimmer or guillotine but if you don’t have one, simply grab a pair of scissors and snip away.

2. Chalkboard Backdrop

The best part about this chalkboard backdrop is how it is fully customizable. In fact, all you need is a few cheap materials and your own creativity to get things done.

This amazing project is easy, too. Once your chalkboard paint dries up, you are also free to draw and write whatever you want on the cloth.

3. Ticket Backdrop

Having a movie-themed party? Then try out this ticket backdrop for your photo booth! Anyhow, it’s really just a matter of lining your tickets up and attaching them with some tape or poster putty.

4. Instax Pineapple Frame

This would be great for a luau get-together because pineapples always are. By the way, you will do some stencil markings and cutouts for this project.

Don’t forget to mark your stencils on the back side of the cardboard, though. That way, you won’t have any of the pencil lines on the colored or front side.

5. Door Screen Backdrop

These old doors assembled together make for a lovely backdrop for your photos. In fact, with this tutorial taking it a step further, it should be perfect for a wedding ceremony backdrop, too.

Tip: You can also distress some of the wooden pieces with some chalk paint and sandpaper.

6. Minecraft Balloon Wall

When creating your Minecraft balloon wall, it’s important to keep the balloons uniform in size.

One way of doing this is to have a uniform number of pumps when blowing the balloons up. That way, none of them will look out of place or bigger than the other.

7. Paper Fan Backdrop

I’ve found it’s best to use different sizes of paper for this paper fan backdrop. As a matter of fact, doing so gives the photobooth a bit more texture and variety.

It’s one of the unique DIY photo booth ideas you can try!

8. Batman Frame

Is your kid a big fan of the Batman franchise? Then, try out this DIY frame for their next birthday party.

I strongly suggest using black styrofoam board as your base.

That way, you won’t need to add an extra step of painting your foam board anymore. This is also one of the great DIY photo booth ideas for your next superhero picture frames.

9. Gold Sequins Backdrop

Design your photo booth with gold sequins so you can add some glitz to your photos. I also recommend a few props such as metallic foil hats and party poppers for glitzier photos, indeed!

10. Floating Confetti Backdrop

This floating confetti backdrop is one way to add more color to your photos. To make the confetti pieces float, simply attach them to a fishing line or a sturdy clear thread.

11. Scalloped Backdrop

To make this scalloped backdrop, cut out equal sizes of circles of your wrapping paper. I highly recommend placing strips of tape on both the tops and bottoms of the circles so they’ll give a nicer finish and effect.

12. Flower Garland Backdrop

I’ve found this flower garland looks so much better when it’s in front of a neutral colored wall. But if you want the pastel colors to really pop out, I’d also suggest placing it in front of a black colored wall.

13. Harry Potter Photo Booth

Having a Harry Potter-themed party? Rally up the students on each of the 4 houses and take your house photos with this Harry Potter-inspired photo booth.

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14. $10 Backdrop Frame

This backdrop frame will help hold your backdrop in place without spending much because it only cost around $10. At any rate, this should be a great base for your other DIY photo booth ideas as well.

15. Cut Out Boards

Make some face cutouts for your next DIY photo booth backdrop. Simply draw your design onto a big piece of cardboard, then cut out oval shapes for the faces.

Anyway, it’ll be fun by the time you take pictures.

16. White Tinsel Backdrop

White tinsel is the only item you’ll need to make this sparkling and almost winter wonderland-like backdrop. You can also feel free to fluff up this backdrop further by adding more layers of tinsel in.

17. Ombre Tissue Backdrop

This ombre tissue backdrop is so simple and inexpensive, yet looks both whimsical and elegant. With your materials in place, it’s just a matter of tucking your tissue paper into the holes of the chicken wire!

Ombre Definition: means “shaded in French; the gradual blending and transition of a color from one hue to another

18. Metallic Fringe Backdrop

A metallic fringe backdrop would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve countdown party! I recommend using double-sided tape for this DIY photo booth, but just be extra careful in making sure the tape doesn’t stick on the fringe.

19. Ribbon And Lace Backdrop

Alternate the arrangement your varied ribbons and laces to make this girly backdrop. Also, keep the ribbons and lace pieces in place by adding a touch of glue once you’ve wrapped the piece around the cord.

20. Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth

This hot air balloon photo booth will be a hit with kids and fun for adults to make, too. To make this, don’t forget to grab a large balloon.

21. Raining Photo Booth

DIY a rain shower with this neat tutorial! Keep up with the theme by having a couple of clear umbrellas and a few raincoats on standby for photo props.

22. Photo Booth Props

Let your guests have funny faces with these props in your photo booth. If you’re using wooden dowels as the handles for your props, it’s best to paint these in black so they won’t steal attention from the photos.

23. Tulle And String Lights Backdrop

This backdrop layers a white tablecloth, a few yards of tulle, and some string lights and beads. When attaching the lights and beads, I suggest using command hooks to hold them in place.

24. Invitation Backdrop

Love your invitation a little too much? Turn it into a backdrop so you can let everyone remember the fun celebration!

Don’t forget to place the date on the backdrop as well so everyone will be reminded when your next birthday or anniversary is. Wink wink!

25. DIY Photo Booth

Here’s a super cool trick for your backyard! Why not make your own easy-to-make photo booth?

You can also save a few dollars by going to the nearest appliance store to ask if they have a fridge or a freezer box to spare. You never know, they might hold the answer for your next DIY project.


Want a few more DIY photo booth ideas? Check out this video on crazy Snapchat DIY photo booth ideas:

Finally, DIY photo booth ideas that will add more fun to your party! In fact, if you’re really hardcore, you can even set up two different DIY photo booth ideas so you’ll have more options for your guests.

Try these DIY photo booth ideas and projects, so you can transform any celebration into a fun and unforgettable party!

Which of these DIY photo booth ideas are you excited to get your hands on? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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