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19 Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Feature | Set of photo accessories for wedding and birthday parties | Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Looking for DIY photo booth props? Help yourself to these photo booth ideas you can make or print for your photo ops!

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DIY Photo Booth Props to Get the Party Started!

1. DIY Flower Crown

Woman wearing flower crown | Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Be a flower princess and make this easy-to-make DIY flower crown. These super-cute flower crowns are so lovely, they make great photo props for a garden party.

In fact, they will also make great diy wedding photo booth props. So, complete your summer wardrobe and have fun with your summer wedding photo ops!

2. DIY Painted Feathers

Pink feathers | Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Paint some feathers and turn them into masks or headdresses. But, take your imagination up a notch because there are so many photo booth props you can make with this easy craft.

3. Printable Mustache


Mustaches will never go out of style. Get some variations with this free printable perfect for kids and adults.

I bet no one will resist jumping into your photo booth now that you’ve got these extravagant mustaches!

4. DIY Firework Sunglasses


Everyone loves sunglasses in photo booths. Make them pop even more with these DIY firework sunglasses.

Add a touch of your unique style to make it even fiercer!

5. DIY Lemon Slice Wheels


Love yellow and lemons? Here’s a unique photo booth prop you can make with a spare bicycle: a DIY lemon slice wheel to add a pop of summery color to your party.

6. Summer Photo Booth Props


These are the perfect printable photo booth props for summer. Fire up your printer going and get your summer party going!

7. Giant Paper Flowers


Create an amazing illusion with these oversized paper flowers. It would be perfect for your next photo booth’s whimsical fairy vibe!

8. Life’s a Beach Photo Booth Props


Planning a beach-themed party? These are the perfect printable photo booth props to get the job done.

Even if you are not planning to head to the beach, you can definitely bring the beach indoors.

9. Polaroid Photo Booth Props


Make your own Polaroid photo booth without the Polaroid camera. It’s unique and fun, but without the steep price tag!

This DIY photo booth frame is cheap and easy, making it a perfect photo booth prop for any occasion.

10. Superheroes Mask


Be a superhero with these amazing photo booth props. These superhero printables are perfect for a themed birthday party, Halloween costume, or some heroic pretend play!

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

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11. DIY Giant Paper Rose


Here’s one more idea to add to your wedding photo booth ideas. It’s a great prop for a wedding or when you’re ringing in spring with a floral-themed party.

Let your event feature huge blooms with this DIY giant paper rose.

12. DIY Bunny Ears


These adorable DIY bunny ears make the perfect costume accessory to any party, especially spring or Easter ones! They’re sure to inspire unlimited hours of creative play because no photo booth is complete without bunny ears.

13. DIY Mask Prop


Great for a party photo booth! You can even use this for a masquerade party and create a mysterious character that’s sure to impress.

14. Rainshower Umbrella


No shower party is complete without an umbrella. Bring out the rain and glam up your party photo booth props with this wonderful rainshower umbrella.

15. Giant Googly Eyes


Here’s an eye-popping surprise that’ll grab your guests’ attention! Who knew what joy these giant googly eyes could bring?

Make your own giant googly eyes with just a few supplies.

16. Celebrity Photo Booth Prop


Have you always wanted to have your photo taken with your favorite celebrity? Print out his or her image and turn it into a photo booth prop!

17. Mini Hat


Mini by name and size but not the fun it brings. This adorable photo booth prop is definitely something you can make from repurposed materials.

18. Giant DIY Heart Art


Show some love in the party photo booth with this giant DIY heart art. This will make a great prop for weddings,  Valentine’s Day, or even engagement parties.

19. DIY Emoji Masks


Express yourself with emojis at your next photo booth. This photo booth prop is so creative and trendy!


Want to see how to set-up a photo booth in minutes? Take these DIY photo booth props and check out this video from LiveBooth:

Photo booths are increasingly becoming trendy and essential nowadays. You can either purchase your own photo booth set up, rent one out from other people, or create your own.

But, one thing’s for sure: a photo booth will not come alive without the best photo booth prop ideas. So, use these 19 DIY photo booth props we have to prepare for your next exciting party!

What do you think of these cool DIY photo booth props? Will you try them all at your next event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 26, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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