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15 Colorful DIY Cricut Crafts And Ideas

Girl making craft on the table | Colorful DIY Cricut Crafts And Ideas | Featured

Looking for DIY Cricut crafts? Look no further because you'll love this list of fun and creative DIY crafts you can make with your Cricut.

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DIY Cricut Crafts You Will Be Proud Of

Put Your Cricut to the Test with These Cool DIY Cricut Crafts

So you've recently purchased a Cricut machine, what do you do? You're so excited to try it but you're drawing blanks.

Yes, crafters also encounter a crafter's block. And that's why I'm here.

If you need to jump-start your creativity, I've rounded up a list of DIY Cricut crafts and ideas to put that machine to good use. You're welcome!

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Cricut Machine For Crafters

1. DIY Monogrammed Ring Dish


Looking for Cricut projects for beginners? Personalize your ring dish with a monogram and design it however you want with your Cricut.

2. Kisses Sweater Cricut Craft


DIY buffs who love to personalize their outfits or DIY some of their clothes will love this Cricut craft. Make a DIY Valentine's Day kisses sweater from your plain sweaters or other articles of clothing you like.

3. Motivational Water Bottle Cricut Craft


Staying hydrated is important, but we can't help forgetting our fluid intake sometimes. Make sure you're getting enough water with this DIY water bottle to keep you motivated and reminded.

4. Show Me Your Kitties Mug with Cricut Craft


“Show me your kitties” sparkling on a mug makes for a great gift idea for the cat-lovers in your life. Don't worry, this easy glitter mug is dishwasher safe too.

5. Wood Block Gift Idea Cricut Craft


Looking for Cricut projects, you can give as gifts or decor pieces? Make this wooden block gift idea for your home or as a gift for friends and family.

6. Leather Cuff Bracelet Cricut Craft


Your OOTD isn't complete without accessories but picking one to match your outfit can be a hassle. Why not make one your own and check out this DIY leather cuff bracelet for inspiration.

7. Personalized Baby Gift Set


Attending a baby shower? Any parent will appreciate something personalized for the little guy.

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8. Back-to-School Frames


Make something quick and easy to celebrate your kids' first day of school. Turn a plain and simple picture frame into something fun and playful.

9. Cricut Glass Etching


Your Cricut will do wonders in glass etching. Make any design you want with this glass etching design.

10. iPhone Cricut Decals


A fun and easy way for you to design and personalize your phone. Give your iPhone a whole new chic look with Cricut decals design, plus a downloadable free floral iPhone wallpaper.

11. Envelope Pillow DIY Cricut Craft


You'll never feel cold with this DIY holiday envelope pillow. It's a cozy ‘baby, it's cold outside', envelope closure pillow perfect for the winter holidays.

12. Simple Tote Bag with Tassels


This is my kind of tote, the words “I can't find a thing in here” etched across it with the help of my Cricut. Because that's exactly what I feel every time I open my bag.

13. Flower Papercut DIY Clock Cricut Craft


Make a lovely DIY clock with floral patterns. Great for your home and also as a gift.

14. Swag Bag Craft Idea


Want some swag in your life? Then this DIY swag bag project is for you.

15. Inspiration Mirror


Give this inspiration mirror to your bestie or anyone whom you want to be reminded daily how pretty they are.

Need a Cricut? Get one here.

Want to see how to make a monogram with your Cricut Explore? Then watch this video tutorial from Country Charm by Tracy:

Take your skills and love for DIY to the next level by getting yourself a Cricut cutting and crafting machine. Make sure to work on these fun and easy Cricut crafts, then move on to more advanced Cricut crating designs and projects.

Which Cricut craft project are you going to make today? Let us know below in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 18, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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